Removing a Ranked mode

I am so done with 3v3 it is the most toxic mode. But my rank shows and it is still reset. I want it removed because it gives me nothing but grief and toxicity.

Not playing it will make my rank drop and people will look at my 3v3 rank and not party with me.

I want the rank removed entirely but there isn’t an option for that.

When I ask for vision I get laughed at and we get ganked to infinity because we can’t see shit.

We should have the option to chose our modes and show rank.

My 3v3 rank is my main trophy…

As a player that mostly plays 3v3 I have to say no. Idk about your experience, but in my case 3v3 is the least toxic mode. I think that showing the trophy you want would be a good idea, but those who don’t want to party with you because you don’t have a high tier in 3v3 are just stupid.


It annoys me myself too. I don’t want a visible 3v3 rank.

I just got a hotness ally vs a team of SA.

A catherine who refused to buy vision vs a Krul
An Eve first Celeste and me.

It felt like a 1v5 and that is not rare at all, that is common.

I had another match like that today. Ally selling his build.

Then had to face that noob on the opposite side. Two horrible matches with and against a player who should be perma banned.

Meanwhile in 5v5 I am poa silver and can do so much more…

I can’t stand the SA Bronze rank. I don’t even want tp play it anymore but it is the main trophy in your trophy case…

I was Poa 3v3 before 5v5 came out and I don’t have the time to maintain two ranks.

Just do your best to ignore it. After the seasonal rank reset even though it says your rank will decay in “x” amount of days or your rank is decaying it actually doesn’t decay because there is a limit to how much decay can happen and I believe that to be one entire tier (which seasonal reset already did).

On the trophies though, they should just remove that trophy one and keep the other trophy one which displays both 3v3 and 5v5 over the seasons you first started playing… it is basically a waste of space.

Source: My rank in 3v3 in Winter season was VG Silver. After that it became VGB because of season reset (which was my “highest” tier for the spring season). I played mostly 5v5. This summer season my rank even though it decayed to POAB it still remained as POAB hinting that decay and resets are connected by probably MMR.

Side Note: Or I’m glitched but either way I don’t really care about my 3v3 rank anymore and people who are VG there are so bad. Players who are now at 2500 were the same guys I stomped on when I was a jungle main and kept making them stay at low VG or POA Gold.

Yo be honest I go to 3v3 to avoid toxicity, ppl there tend to have a higher skill level.

Think the issue is you’ve decayed back into simply amazing hell where you’ll find terrible players who think they understand the game.


There are too many people that play 3v3 still, (including me). Just mute toxic ppl or don’t give them a reason to be toxic to you.

Decay only effects VST, not your underlying MMR. Should be the same as far as matchmaking goes.

As for the trophies, @Xaldarian, try not to worry about it. The only rank that people see, for the moment, are the two icons by your name on the friends list. No one’s going to be seeing just your decayed 3v3 VST without also seeing your high 5v5 VST. And if someone is going to judge you by a rank that’s obviously decayed, do you really want to be partying with them?


Neh I don’t but I see so many trolls and totally unskilled players that most of my friendlist are better than taking my chances.

I am a soloque player and in 3v3 I can’t hard carry like I can in 5v5.

My 5v5 winrate is way higher. You can’t 1v3 take enemy lane in 3v3. There is no splitpushing and that alone makes you reliant on allies.

Everyone refuses to buy vision in 3v3. Flare gun is more expensive in 3v3 than in 5v5 it is so frustrating!!!

As already said it’s VST but the reset doesn’t affect MMR. What might be happening though (just a possibility I don’t really know) is different rank groups. For example in my experience POA bronze matches with silver, POA gold matches with low VG and 2500+ matches VG silver. Of course I mean each of the match with their own rank too.

Hmm interesting. I find 3v3 much easier to soloq. I can do everything I need by myself there. In 5v5 I can’t make up for people’s mistakes. Except for playing Joule and splitpushing all game but that’s toxic, boring and tilting.

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I win as captain in 5v5 mostly. At around 65%

I actually find far easier to hard carry in 3v3 than in 5v5.

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Yeah i agree with everyone said 3v3 less toxic and managable
5v5 is so random , like your frustration explain it.

I honestly would take a troll planting mines in my base over losing all lanes in a 5v5 match , so frustrating when everything collapsing , while in 3v3 i can do something to change it .

You said you match with a guy building eve as celeste first item
Well in one of the recent streams a vainglorious 5v5 player built broken myth first on her , i honestly trust the 3v3 rank , 5v5 rank is super boosted easy to carry people in 5v5 .

And in one of my accounts i got matched with a guy poa gold 3v3 and 2500 5v5 , he played reza against flicker and wp kestrel , he built defense against the cp flicker who had aftershock and built no defense against the kestrel , and he didnt dive kestrel once ! , what are you doing with the reza if you not going to dive ?! No idea , super questionable plays , but he will for sure pass vg silver in 5v5 .


Well the celeste was hotness. I was playing Kensei and never got any back up. I had 5 kills and 5 assists out of our 11 kills.

Again I agree I think it’s far harder to hard carry team mates in 5v5 because the maps so much bigger.

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The larger map is what provides me the chance to pressure several locations.

In 3v3 the Lane is always protected by at least one person :frowning:

This was a poa match. I very often only see SA people.

Their Ringo denied any hit on their turret for 15 minutes straight! This makes objective pushing impossible as an individual unlike 5v5…

No… as a roam you shouldn’t be able tu solo push, but apart from that there are ways to push even if the ringo tries to stop you.

How? Might I ask. The only way we could push was by acing.

The problem is that exactly, I can’t push as an individual which I can in 5v5.

You are reliant on at least one other person to follow up.

Just fought with that Ringo and now befriended him lol

Um. I still prefer 3v3 to 5v5 (and probably always will).

As for the matchmaker; Hotness is t7, and unless I’m highly mistaken, SA is t8. That doesn’t seem to bad to me, not worth complaining about. I can understand that it’s a pain if they were useless, but you can’t blame matchmaker for that.