Reminiscing Over The Good Old Days

What were your favorite things, moments, or aspects about vainglory? You can also include people met, I guess.

What I missed the most about the game was non-op pre-rework Cp vox. may my supreme 1 vs 3 kiting plays die in peace.

What I missed most in moments is when I hit my tier goals. Made the climb worth it.

What I missed most about aspects is the old forum. A time when threads were fun and there weren’t a number of weebs/attention whores and such.

What I missed most from people would make me recite a really big list, but favorites were BlockyDudeBuilder, X3n0n, Gatorrex, Mariuthus, Aqueelz, Goddessry, Razerx, Weisong, and a few others. Most missed guild/team: Rekt/ Hypersynergy. I had a good time with you, old friends.

Oh, yeah, and old Gankstars. Those were the only team I had fun watching, along with some teams formed by people I knew. Liked watching them fail, kek.

1.14 Fort

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Back during release week of Vainglory, I met a dude during a match who shredded everyone with SAW. And I know that may not be a feat, but, this guy was nasty. I mean, untouchable, every match. At the time, I was main for Adagio and Fortress, so we were like two peas in a very dangerous pod. I added him after a match, and he was one of my first friends ever on VG. We chatted, matched together, and then proceeded to match almost daily with eachother just to play. Neither of us cared for the ladder at the time.

To this day I still speak to him, only through VG funnily enough, and consider him a solid friend. Chill as hell, very easygoing, tilt-free and a wonderful teammate overall.

I haven’t had an experience like that in VG until I “recruited” @Phrosts as he was looking for a guild, who is now up there with my first mentioned friend in being one of the coolest and most solid people I’ve ever met through a game, ever. Same deal, just completely tilt-free, overall wonderful teammate and an incredible person to have a chat with. The dude has a heart of gold.

I’ve made some solid relationships with people over games, and the internet throughout my time on it, and there’s always those select few people who you find in between the cracks that shine and I appreciate them.


I appreciate that, I just wish I didn’t work 70 + hour weeks so I could play more. I will be on late tonight though!

You got a life to live and things to do, you do you dude, I ain’t going anywhere. I’m always around. :thumbs: Whenever you’re ready you know I’ll do my best to play if I can.