Remade hero idea: gus the scarecrow


i am going to redo one of my old heroes because of kinetic. gus was an illusionist who make replicas and switch bodies. the could of done this with kinetic and her holograms, but they didn’t so i am disappointed.

here he is

Perk: Dingly Dangly
if gus selects a scarecrow he swaps bides with them instead of moving. the body he is currently in explodes, slowing enemies and dealing damage in an area. entering a body heals gus . damage from basic attacks and abilites and giving cc to enmies apply stacks of corn. basic attacks (which are crows) consume the corn, piercing armour. abilities pierce shield based on the stacks of corn.

A: Flippy Floppy
A scarecrow sprouts at the selected location.each scarecrow makes an aura that gives allied bonus defensive stats andapplies a small energy drain to enemies whenever they enter the area.
overdrive: increased range and scarecrow sight range, enemies get 2 corn whenever they enter the auras.

b: Shake my hands like this
if you do not select a scare crow then a scarecrow sprouts. if you select ascarecrow then the scarecorw exp[lodes dmaging enmies and slwoing them.
overdrive: exploding scarecrows stun enemies.

ult: shake my legs like that
gus channels for 1 second and then summons a ring of scarecrows around an area. the scarecrows auras then fear enemies. gus gets a large aura that deal dot based on the stacks of corn and the enmies missing health.
passive: entering scarecrow aura deal damage.

Image result for scarecrow rhymes

uh i hope you enjoy. gus enjoys zooming around the battle field, not letting his enemies know where he is and apply stacks of corn until he can finish with his ult.

I like the idea a lot, but I feel it could be executed a little better. It’s a bit excessive to have all his abilities spawning Scarecrows, especially when his A and B are very similar. I’d probably add the exploding effect to his A and remove his B entirely, giving it a completely different use. Also you’d have to set a limit on the distance he could bodyswap from and how long scarecrows last (or how many he can place at a time), or he could teleport all over the map, and swap bodies whenever his health got low.
I also have a few questions. Firstly, do basic attacks apply corn, or consume corn? From what I read it seems they do both, which doesn’t quite make sense to me.
Secondly, is it supposed to be impossible for enemies to tell which scarecrow Gus is actually in? cause the healthbar would give it away.

Aside from that, I really like the idea of a body swapping hero, and I’m kinda jealous I didn’t think of it myself.

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oh i guess i messed up the perk. i think that it would apply the corn and the crows get the armour pierce but it does not consume the corn. the corn falls off with time. and it is supposed to be hard for them to tell which scarecrow gus is in. i am thinking maybe enemies can view his healthbar like a munions.

i made his a and b similar but with crucial differences that i did not mention. his a would have a longer range on overdrive but a shorter cooldown on all levels. i thought that his b could also apply scarecrows to use the aura thing and make it harder for the enemies to catch gus while also being an offensive ability.

and i guess teleporting across the map would be a bit op. maybe a channeling time if it is out of gus sight would be good

thank you for your feedback :3

Still think it’d be, unless you have something like a 6s channel time minimum, which would make it almost unusable. See if you had anything significantly lower, He could port top to bot, help a teammate, and be back in top lane like say 15 secs later.

oh i don’t play 5v5 so this was made for 3v3 :sweat:

if thats the case there could be a range limit where if he goes too far away then the scarecrow explodes

Yeah that sounds like a better idea. I still think His A and B are too similar, they don’t both need to spawn scarecrows, but it’s up to you.

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