Release of Vainglory Lore Android App

Hello VainPlayers!
We have finished an Android app Lore of Vainglory.

Changes, which we made - you can read in About screen.

What about iOS?
We have some plans about it, but we has not much time.
Our altruism is had enough to finished an Android app.
I spent ~605 hours to this app. (it is without meetings and skype chat time)
Russian text chapters translation, adaptation, BD filling 68.5 h
Russian comics translation, adaptation, BD flling 13.5 h
Searching image arts Full HD or better, making a BD of these image URLs 121 h
Correcting or rebuilding these images and new covers 38 h
Story and Chapters BD filling 124.5 h (Tony’s Rise - i hate you)
Anaytics and logic JSON 57.5 h
Research of Google Play Console and some tests 15 h
Research of API for app 96 h
Design, screenflow, prototype, navigation 15.5 h
First tech documentation for developer 6 h
Testing 49.5 (maybe more)

Work about this app started since 2017 year, when forum was alive:
I started collecting all data for building architecture logic, made it for a month i think. From JAN to NOV of 2018 i had rest.
I dont know how many Android developer spent, development started November 2018 and ended April 2019.

So, to the point. This is alot of time.
I understand that development of iOS app will be faster, because we made all logic. But iOS can be with a lot of hidden problems so right now we definitely decided that will be better to focus on other Android apps.
But it doesnt mean that we not make an iOS app (maybe sometime)

App is supports Russian localization and English original
We have made a Database of all proper names or repeated strings for all future localizations

Right now one good player works on Spanish Localization
If you are interested to participate localization - just tell me

That was a great experience!
We hope you enjoy this app!
P.S. Oh, by the way, we made a little secret in the app =)
P.S.S. Sorry for bad english!


App is not supports some old phone devices and all tabs.
If you think that is yours phone device is powerfull - just tell me and we will check throttle with you =)

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