Reim Discussion

Reim needs a rework, his kit doesn’t work in 5v5, neither in 3v3, an I don’t expect it to change soon.


This is what happens when you start implementing multipe new heros with mobility abilities, fixing the bug on Poison Shiv, and adding another MW item.

They should have known this would happen. Bad move on semcs part.

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They also nerfed his passive (now it deals like 50 - 60% damage per second than before)


And nerfed his movement speed.

They really need to get advice from someone about balancing.

They buffed his damage potential and nerfed his speed… How do you want him to do something when most of the heros can kite him and just use an ability to run away?

They nerfed his first impact damage in his A too so…

I wonder why they dont rework him as well.

Whats Semcs stance on reworking heros? Is it because it takes the kit from a hero that could be used in the future?

They can’t design the game around Reim, the PS bug needed to be fixed, and crystal heroes should have an option to counter healing.

Reim does not need a major rework, and certainly should not have any added mobility as that would ruin his identity. He just needs some calculated buffs and tweaks to make him less easily countered.

I personally think they should add a passive to his B that reads: If more than 5% of Reim’s max HP is fortified, he is immune to movement impairing effects, as someone without mobility should at least be hard to peel off a target if he can get onto one. Otherwise SEMC is in the right direction making his root longer and more reliable, and shifting him more towards locking enemies down for big combos with his A shatter, and ult center.

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Reim does not really need a rework, but SEMC stance on reworking is that it should be done as little as possible for a couple reasons.

A it takes a lot of development time away from new heroes and content.

B it increases the risk of balance issues, as reworks tend to be harder to predict the outcome of.

C and most importantly, it frustrates anyone who mains those heroes. Look at the rework to blackfeather, it was very much needed, but a huge number of players who were used to playing him were pissed. Even a hero we consider useless and needing rework like petal, has a base of players who enjoy and use her how she is now, mainly in brawl and mid tiers. Those players will react negatively to any major change good or bad.

Didn’t say that nor the point.

Did I say major rework? No. And I was talking about reworking in general.

And the rest of what you say is just piggybacking off of major reworks. ok

@Guest_78 can just fight you for that. The rework to Bf wasnt needed but nevertheless happened. ok

I dont see any proof besides your opinion.

I try not attempt to say that SEMCs in the right direction cuz they always somehow end up with their foot in their mouth.

Im starting to get the feeling of being white knighted so ill end it. But I wont disagree with your A and B points.


They nerfed Reim: no he is even more specialized against certain bruisers, making him weaker overall and with more counters (if possible). With the change in his A, he got better against low movile bruisers (no Kensei, BF, Inara…) and even weaker against assassins and range carries, and lets be honest, the meta is all around assassins, snipers, mages and tanks, so he doesn’t counter anything in the meta. Even those who are countered by him (Glaive, Alpha, Rona) can’t beat him with not many problems. The nerf to his passive: only benefits those who AA one each 4 seconds, so if you are fighting a bruiser your damage got nerfed too. Personally, I don’t know where is the buff, I only see Reim getting worse each update.

Played two games with him this patch and can confirm the nerf. As the move speed increased and dmg shifted from the first spire to the second one - it’s hard to deal real dmg. Not to mention that there are a lot of mobile meta picks and new heroes - gl hitting them. I mean, if you are good - you will hit the first one, but the enemy player will be looong gone before the second one and the dmg reaaaaly is shifted there and you do basically nothing with the first one, i.e. works in clustered team fights mainly, even 1vs1 a lot of heroes will just step away before the second one and the first is not enough even if all are hit to deal with anyone (if equal on gold). Also I don’t feel him to be atleast somewhat tanky in real games, he needs a major bump in his FH gains and max.

I expect them to buff him next patch tbh


SEMC can’t buff Reim because they are scared, so they will just change some aspects of his kit, which will be traduced into a nerf. The changes they introduced in Reim this pacth were supposed to be a big and… As you can see by your own, they became a nerf instead of a buff.


I played Reim twice and both times it was good. Feels much better than before. I had no problem sticking to target. Most trouble I had was staying alive in some teamfights. Early game he’s so strong though. His ult and spire damage is really good. One thing I think needs to be reverted is the damage over time on AAs. No idea why they changed that.

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In terms of numbers Reim is worse than before, so you got good matchups or less skillful opponents, but normally you should have more troubles to make him work properly.

I also won both my games, but not because of me hahahah
You have a point with the unskilled players tho, as right now there are a lot of different skill players dropped to the same level.

As for the CC part, maybe they intend to even more promote to not go full tanks/utility teams. Making it easier to lock given hero if the captain miss the crucible and the locked player his reflex block/crucible.

hmmm strange change for sure. :thinking:

No he’s not. He got damage buff and nerf but now it promotes skillful play. Ult deals more damage in the center and less on the edges and winter spires deal less impact damage but more explosion. Muuuuch more. Literally double + higher ratio. His passive was nerfed but it’s not that bad. But even then you’re looking at damage only. The best buff he got is energy one. Now he can use more than 2 abilities without running out of energy. Now I have no problem to play without battery until t3 boots or even first damage item. Unless you played Reim yourself:

  1. You can’t judge just by reading
  2. You can’t imagine how much of a difference that energy buff makes.

He honestly is in a much better spot.

Personally, I defeat him with Glaive, Alpha, not talking about Rona, even with BF and Kensei I beat him. I used to play him, and for me yes, they buffed his energy requirements, but apart from it, the rest of his kit got nerfed.

Edit: I try Reim this pacth too.

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TBH I didn’t play him in the previous patch, so maybe he was on the back foot really. Poor reim, still I would buff him just a tad bit more - either his first A strike or (and more interestingly) his FH to be a little bit tankier. He is supposed by design to be slow, but hard to kill if he gains FH and right now he is not really gaining much at all.

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If you beat a Reim as Glaive and you’re not talking about some picking low HP kill then you’re facing some exceptionally bad Reims.

How was he nerfed? If you land your abilities you deal more damage than before and require less energy. How exactly is he nerfed? One of the most important skills on Reim that people usually don’t acknowledge as that important is root in combination with ult or winter spire. Landing 1 good root means target 9 out of 10 times is already at 50% HP.

I can’t tell if he needs another buff yet I need more games but he’s definitely better than before. I agree if they buff something it should be FH gain and revert the change on his AA.

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