Refined Tutorial

Ever since 5v5 was released, it seems like the playbase has grown. New and old players join and just instalock roles. Then they go 0/10 and rage quit. I have had 6 afks from teammates in a row.

When 3v3 was here, it was not this bad. I rarley had any afks or feeders. Im excited for ranked tomorrow, just hope this problem doesnt continue. I also think the tutorial needs to be refined for 5v5. It may help stop the problems new players are experiencing.

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Even if the tutorial had every possible thing for new players to learn and know the problem would still occur.

But when it comes to new players “feeding”, it stems from them being new. No ones gonna be great right out of the tutorial.

Another point that needs bringing up is we are seeing a lot more traffic from games like AoV and MLBB where the way they are playing in VG works in those games.

It will definitly be better in ranked modes as new players will get more experience before getting ranked unlocked. But some people arent here to get good at the game, they just wanna play.


they actually changed the tutorial recently.
its just still very bad.

somehow no moba can make an actual tutorial for their game.

new players essentially have to instalock their heroes and roles, otherwise they would have to learn all 3/5 roles together right from the start together with 3+ heroes.
that is simply not going to work. let them start with one hero in one role and work their way up from there.
if you meet too many new players, you should find some folk to team up and get out of the t4 elo range (there is also a hidden elo in casual, so just winning that helps as well).

I think that because VG has 5v5 now, more players from AOV and ML will come over to VG. They are probably thinking the gameplay will be the same but it isnt.

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There is just too much depth and breadth to cover everything in a tutorial that appeals to most people. What SEMC needs is an in-app item compendium.