Recommend your fav VG youtubers!

I wonder if there are some players who often watching VG gameplay etc from youtube. Who is your favourite VG youtuber? For now, I only see Rumblysuperset, DNZio, and FlashX. Maybe there are some other famous VG youtubers that I dont know :slight_smile:

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The ones I regularly watch are FlashX, ttigers, DNZio, gabevizzle, Rumblysuperset, Excoundrel. When I need a good laugh I go to cyeye’s channel, Gatorrex, starboi (RVS Aaron spawn whatever that is). This off season is a great time to be watching YouTube! A lot of the pros have nothing better to do. :grin:


LeftSpectrs the gamer perfected for gaming


Woodworking has some great how-to videos for roaming. He doesn’t add new content, but his vids were my absolute favorite for their mix of gameplay and discussion of strategy and tactics.

For a channel that’s updating regularly, Shatter the Vain is solid. He has good gameplay (~T9 solo queue) for a variety of heroes. He also has really consistent production values, which is awesome, imo. (Poor production value is a pet peeve of mine)

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FlashX, and Chamu XD, he’s freaking funny

lefte spec…ter… … … … … … … … …

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Madness500 [mad]
Best channel
remember to liek n subscribe for more vidos

DNZio, gabevizzle, ttigers, rarely leon

Once in a blue moon rumbly but I have to be in a kind of mood

FlashX is pretty fun to watch for some good gameplay with commentary, Chamu is funny to watch for some some good gameplay combined with some laughs, cyeye is hilarious, ttigers has some good gameplay, starboi (aka RVS Aaron spawn) is a good place to find good game play of all types from multiple content creators. :smiley:

BOOM!!! Been enjoying flashX vids check them out he gives some great in game advice.

Always enjoy rumbbly, long term subscriber etc

@Gatorrex for the highest quality VG content such as 10 hours of Ozo
Uhhhh @LeftSpectrs too i guess
Not a youtuber, but I enjoyed watching cullthemeek stream back when he used to play


thank you for all your responds on this thread. I really appreciate it. Time to subscribe these channels :slight_smile: