Reason why people don't like map 5v5 as map 3v3

3v3 map look so naturally

too much square angles


Just look at those two pics; 3v3 is so vibrant, it’s environment tells a story in such detail, it doesn’t look like it’s just a stage but a place in the vg world that anyone could see; i.e, it looks so natural. It’s more than just curves


Also moar trees the jungle in 5v5 looks like a garden more than a jungle…

I personally don’t like the fact wall jumping is a bit harder on the rise

Its actually the Stormqueens garden according to tonys lore. :mask:


Well it could use more trees :deciduous_tree: :upside_down_face:

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we need more green color in this map

I really just think it’s the lower amount of detail. Remember 3v3 is less than half the size, which just gives them so much more to work with graphically. I really don’t think curved edges have anything to do with it.


They already put a Pepe there but it’s a pepehands because gold toad is not going to make it .

Personally, I like both of the maps equally. Each map has its own different theme. The Halcyon Fold looks natural because it is powered by the energy inside the well, making everything that surrounds it appear alive and vibrant. The Sovereign’s Rise looks dark, dystopian, and less alive because it is the property of the Storm Queen. It symbolizes how truly dark and evil she is.