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Really like the new sub-category UI!


I just wanted to say how I really like the new UI on here for the sub-categories. The small, square quick view of them, as well as the banners for them, are pretty nice. In addition, most of the recent UI changes that have happened on here recently are great too, imo.

Mods, once again, the changes won’t go by unnoticed. Also, I may have found this by accident but sh


Mobile users cant see this :pleading_face:

But it truely a nice sight to look at!

Reddit format couldn’t even come close UwU


Thanks!!! I’ve been working on that for the last two days, and you’re the first to say something about it! :blush:


You should be able to see it on mobile also — just make sure you’re tapping on the #vainglory-discussion category, as it’s the only one I’ve done this for so far.


Ah I see now. Thx :ok_hand:303030303030300


I also noticed it and loved it instantly - great work!