Razer phone2


A second phone already? What on Earth

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I do need a new phone soon but the galaxy 10 is right around the corner so…

checking out the specs… there isn’t a huge difference.

is it worth the extra 100 ?

Waiting for the Galaxy 10 it is.

I was sold on the Razer Chroma logo on the back. The 1st gen special edition had a gold logo, which was sick, but this chroma shenanigans on a phone is just screaming at me

buys an iphone

Nooooo, buy a Galaxy S10 - if even half the leaks are to be believed, far superior phone to any iPhone

I understand that it may be a superior phone, but how I personally work and navigate my thoughts (and making those thoughts tangible) is done infinitely better via an iPhone than it is Android. I have owned many an Android in the past, and in some regards I can agree that they are better phones on paper, but in practice the iPhone works with me better and that is something that I find far more valuable.

There are also a huge amount of applications that I use for hobby purposes that are either completely unavailable on Android, or, their Android counterparts (i.e. similar apps, not identical ones) do not do what I need. In the rare instance that I find an app that does do something similar, the app usually greatly lacking in performance or features.

I also use a Macintosh for most of my work and hobbies that are digital and the way each ecosystem works with one other is a pleasure in my experience.


the wand chooses the wizard, Mr Potter

ahem, it is good to see that you are choosing what is best for you rather than what is just generally better :smile_cat:


If I had the money I’d just have the flagship model of both :man_shrugging:

You’re one of the few Apple users who has an intelligent response as to why iPhone over Android. I can understand how you would prefer iPhone.

However, for me, it’s the pure level of customization that iPhone just simply lacks. My phone is another limb, in the fact that everything is efficient and I know it as well as an arm, due to customization. All while not only adapting to my aesthetic, but further developing it.

My only wish would be that Samsung makes something similar to the range and interchangeability of Apple products. Their laptops are mediocre and a fully functioning Samsung watch would be awesome.


If I had the money, I would buy the new Galaxy folding phone coming soon.

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I agree I think some of the apple app exclusives are nice.

For me personally though I find an Android to be easier to navigate, although I’ve always had Android so that can be the case.

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I hate samsung more than apple at this point… Samsung never updates their devices making them obsolete very fast.

I am pro android all the way but I would never buy samsung…

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I miss options on apple… I sorely miss the back button.

That being said right now I would buy an Ipad if my nexus 9 no longer runs because android lacks a nicely priced tablet that performs well.

An Ipad 2017/2018 costs around 280-340 and there is no competition in that price segment…

Oh Android tablents are shit. iPad definitely takes the Cake with that one.

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We had the nexus line up which was very good.
Also nvidia shield but we needed new models for both these brands but never got them…

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It’s not that bad, my s7e(2.5 years old) sits on oreo and september security patch from around 3rd day of the september. Got regular updates before that too and will continue to get them till next year’s summer. Some regions lacks regular updating, but one can flash other region stock rom without triggering knox for warranty.

Arrghh I just bought a new phone welp

I’m not complaining, it’s a good phone and it was fairly cheap, and it’s multi-purpose rather than just gaming

Flagship tablet never got an update… Still on kitkat and working… That’s samsung for you…