Rate my build 1-10

10 Being “OP and Toxic AF”, 1 being “Filthy troll plz uninstall”
5 being “Well it works”
Off meta build (haven’t seen anyone use it before) that works on many heroes

Serpants mask, 2 Spellswords, Clockwork (or TT if you die too fast to use the CW), Aegis, and Metal Jacket

I use this build on:
Arden (IMO this is an 9 on Arden…)
Alpha (6-7)
Tony (7 to 9 depending on comp)
Ringo (4-6 depending on enemy comp)
Gwen (7)

That’s all I’ve tested this build on so far off the top of my head

Spellfire, Clockwork, Broken Myth, Capacitor Plate, Aegis, Metal Jacket

I’ve used this build on:
Varya (8)
Adagio (7)
Baptiste (5 im not too good at Baptiste tho…)
Churnwalker (5 im also bad at churn)
Skaarf (6-8 , hard to chase but on defensive works beautifully)

Thoughts and recommendations?

4 for the first build with a 6 or 7 for the second. I put 4 because they changed the way CDR works so it just makes sense to hit close to the cap rather than THE cap. 6 or 7 for the second one because it doesn’t really do that much damage but I can see it working on Baptiste with a different variation. Maybe SF/DE/CW, pulse, mj/atlas, aegis/husk, capacitor, and war treads.

This hurts my brain.

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Omg sorry but double ssw? Sm was also nerfed. Building sm on rangers is a taboo. Building cw for wp? You do realize the cdr cap is 45 so 2 ssw is good enough. 1/10

For cp: not that bad, but cap place makes no sense. Cap plate improves your healing and barriers YOU produce, including lifesteal. Without lifesteal, cap plate is useless.


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why build clockwork for wp? you already have 2 ssword…

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Agree with @Sandiha its a 1


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The reason for using a CW wasn’t actually to hit the cap but it’s for the effect, it will pretty much keep your abilities almost always up and for the heroes I used the build on their abilities are really useful throughout the fights
@Arza and @Skyefall

With the second build I don’t actually have any damage problems (at least when im playing Varya) you’d be surprised at how much damage just those items will do (tested the build in 3v3 ranked)

The enemy must be horrible then.

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cmiiw, i forgot, but afaik 2splsword is already beyond cd limit. so, additional cw is useless… not to mention it’s wp build. the passive is not really help imo…

CD limit is 45 Spellswords provides 40 but your correct in thinking the 5% doesn’t make enough of a difference to buy an item for it, however clockworks ability definitely does
Give it a shot with someone like Arden or Gwen
They have decent sized cooldowns normally but with this build they are practically always up and their abilities complement how the hero plays.
You can take it into a blitz match and do pretty good even without picking a talent (of course against near max talents you can only do so much)
As for a normal game it’s up to you if you want to dedicate that much time to test the build.

@Guest_78 If you call t8 silver (3v3) horrible then yes. Did you try out the build?
@Sandiha Why do you say it’s a 1? What can I do to maybe improve it
@Skyefall With the CP build all the heros I picked except skaarf have build in healing or barriers, Skaarf also has fortified health which CMIIW is also effected by the Capictor plate, so it’s not useless at all
Varya’s B, Adagios A, Baptistes passive, Churnwalkers Chains, Skaarfs Ult all affected by Cap plate

Note, im using @ because I don’t know how to quote on mobile if anyone knows how and wants to tell me that would help a bunch

If they can’t capitalise in a carry that has no damage yes, they are bad. Did I try the build? Yes, it’s not the first time I see it. I try it both with and against it, ez win for the enemy team if they are at least decent.

Highlight the part you want to quote as if you were going to copy it, then it appears a “Quote” icon.

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Makes sense I guess, now do you mean that both builds are lacking the damage or just the CP one?
And thanks for showing me how to quote

The CP one, the WP is outclassed hard by all meta builds. A single defense ítem would shut down that build. It lacks attack speed, something very important for the ranged heroes. Ardan benefits more from attack speed also (AAing reduces the B cooldown by ~4s each hit). Alpha just synergies too well with BP to not buy it. The WP one was the best of those two, but even then I would use it.

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WP build - 2/10. I’m fine with it having no attack speed because its supposed to be Off-Meta. Although, attack speed is pretty important on most of the heroes u are building this on.
Main reason this build being bad is the CW, while CW passive is useful, its not that useful to waste an entire slot for it.
Slightly changing it while keeping your idea, I would build SM, SS, SS/CW, Husk, MJ/Aegis. And boots or whatever u want for 6th item. Husk because its too good right now, specially if u are using this build on squishies. Despite these slight changes, it would still be kind of a bad build compared to the meta ones but whatever.

CP one is okay. But only build Cap Plate on Baptiste/Adagio out of the heores you named. (I’m actually not sure if cap plate works on churn lifesteal… probably does…so u can build on him too? ). Its useless on skaarf and varya tho.

All in all, these builds are also bad because u can’t use exactly the same build on diff heroes, there has to be adjustments made accordingly to the hero.

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You’re better off building ssw + cw if you really want cooldown on a wp hero and calling it a day. captains benefit more from scout + cw or some other cooldown utility. that second ssw slot is better used for dmg/mortal wounds or att speed aegis and metal jacket does work well on some heroes.

Having all 3 cap plate aegis and mj on a cp hero isn’t really worth it. again you’re missing out on dmg that you’re defense won’t cover if you’re getting hit from multiple sources. your best defense is a great offense. its better to have cap plate aegis and a cp dmg item or aftershock often, sometimes eve. cp heroes also usually don’t benefit from.mj because their playstyle is usually inherently ranged. the few that aren’t often benefit from eve or aftershock more and the rest are usually cp assassins.

As for ratings, because of the reasons stated and also because you should never repeat an effect item in your set, only stat items, and ssw is an item with a passive effect, I rate your wp build a grudging 2. I would have rated it a 1 but it is potentially passable. Your cp build gets the same rating for being passable, however if you found a better combination of defensive items, i might rate it a 3-7. the best cp builds usually don’t rely on a lot of defense, and the best wp builds dont usually utilize cooldown a lot. even being off meta, these aren’t useful off meta builds to anyone except captains possibly, and the wp build is denied usefulness from the repeat of an effect alone.

Wp build besides over buying CDR lacks damage and as a melee hero (most of suggestes heroes were melee) you’d get melted.

CP build is better but still you need more damage. Attack speed on Varya and Adagio. You don’t need CP on Churnwalker especially that much. He’s strong because he’s tanky and you’re taking that away. And finally you shouldn’t build Plate on any carry. It just wastes the slot.

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