Ranting issues

I mean look all around here. Rants everywhere and what are the reasons behind rants? Trolls, lag, bugs, etc. Can we just solve this thing out ASAP?

Are you ranting about rants :laughing:


He is…
Rofl LMAO…


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First, your title is offensive. Second, you’re contributing to the issue you’re complaining about.

You can edit your title if you want the topic un-hidden or you can just delete it. Your choice. Either way, it’ll auto-close this evening, as it doesn’t serve any useful purpose.


ah yes semc should just push the “no more trolls” button amirite?


I still want my rights to ping a “VG Silver” player who got boosted up there.

I used to rant about VG but now i spend all that time ranting, into a better moba. LoL. of course when i have time at home… VG is for on the go

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