Rant about cards and drops

Blueprints seem so pay-to-skin IMO and it isn’t getting people to play like the card system did. Before, you wanted the new “Vegetable Petal” skin, you playing a thousand matches to grind essence and complete quests. It kept you hooked, and gave many something to do, even if you were tier 1000 and had more glory than Russia has nukes.

Blueprint drops are luck-based; you always get some rare skin you didn’t want or a blueprint you already had, and besides, blueprints never drop 90% of the time.

As for ICE, well it isn’t very easy to get, and I get that. It’s ”Premium Currency.” But the drop rates are as potato as the blueprints and chests and stuff are expensive, and you only get like 3 ice half the time. A typical hero costs 900 ICE. That means you’d need to get 300 drops (on average) just to get a hero, not a skin.

Quests/chests are garbage, they’re a good way to keep people playing, but let’s admit it: killing off 100 enemies is gonna give you like, 500 glory and some random talents. The rewards aren’t good enough.

Same with the random drops you get from battle. It’s pretty rare to get some proper chest keys, and even then they give you nothing but glory and garbage talents.

So even if you aren’t gonna bring back cards to “improve” the skin system, at least make it easier to get skins. Make better rewards, add new things, improve drops, I don’t care, just keep me/us wanting to play VG more.

Like, seriously. Let’s step up our game. Don’t make things pay-to-_____.
We aren’t Mobile Legends: Bing Bong.

Wait so why do you want skins?

Nothing else to get. Aside from some potato talent upgrades, and unlocking Ozo, there really is no incentive left to play VG.


TLDR: Can’t really speak in terms of “forever” but we have events very frequently now which give pretty good rewards. Skins aren’t supposed to be something you grind anyways considering their quality.

Skins were never supposed to be incentives. They chose such a ridiculous way of “selling skins” at the beginning. Now it makes them more money because people will purchase ICE for the skins they want instead of going all willy-milly and just crafting skins for the sake of crafting them. Skins have also become relatively cheaper nowadays compared to the times of cards, in terms of real money. The quality of skins have also increased greatly so its not really something they should be throwing around.

Yeah the game really doesn’t have any incentive to actually play it. Its only fun when you have friends around or people you met that are always active because you can rank up with them and stuff.

But I think we should wait a little longer because the release of chest and keys was literally 3.4 and now we’re on 3.5. The game is trying to get better at promoting play even though those rewards aren’t necessarily rewarding at all. We also have events for probably only this summer unless they decide to continue it next season as well. In all honesty its a great time to play VG because these events are always F2P and requires grinding

We also have a free skin for reach “x” tier that they give us at the end of every season.

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