Ranking with mates is lame


Context: I got invited to a full party by my guild mates, first game we match 5 solos (i added the lance, celeste and joule after the game for confirmation). Second game really speaks for itself… I am sticking to solo q after this.


This is why full parties in rank shouldn’t be allowed.

There are many reasons other mobas restrict it.

Solo and Duo should be the only way to party for 5v5 Rank.

But thats my opinion



What other mobas restrict full parties ?


They doing it in 5v5 this is even worst , I thought it 3v3 only , matching you with low tiers in my opinion is less harmful than solo vs full party , it’s frustrating I feel the pain , rip soloq .


Get gud

Teammates …


Agree, the mm should not allow full party vs soloq. Should be minimum full vs trioq and still wont be fair.


I lost 3 casual straight against full parties.
Sad part is that I even got MVP for two of them.


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