Ranking Party EU Searching for players who wanna grind ranked

Hey! I am a really old player and a member of old VG forums. I had to quit vainglory last fall because of school. Hence I decayed to poa bronze from VG bronze. I have tried to rank up last season but I was unable to play healthy matches because of my school and also the dormitory internet. But now, I have established a good internet connection and have been active in ranked modes and ranked myself up to t9 silver. I think it’s a great time for me to start searching for players who want to be competitive and reach first VG bronze and then silver but cannot do so because of the SoloQ. Like I mentioned earlier I was VG so if you are a VG player but having difficulties to rank after the decay you can count on me, you will not be disappointed.

My preferred roles are: Jungle or Roam. But I can play lane as good but it is kind of sweaty so I’d rather not. In 5v5, I prefer sidelanes or jungle.

My current skill tier is POA bronze/silver (i am one win away from it so probably will be silver. by the time this post will have widespread.

My IGN is BestBlue and I’m in EU server.

I can voice chat and prefer it.

You can add me on Discord Bon Blue 0558 or just write here.

Thank you!

I will add you,I have same story,I need a pre too :slight_smile: @BestBlue