Ranking After Long Break?

I stopped playing vg competitively like 4 or 3 seasons ago, i was t10, and decayed to t7g (Played one match after rank cap, and decayed again idk why i’ve done that)

And my first 5v5 rank was t4 like majority of people, sent a ticket and they changed to 6s then they changed it to the 6g.

I already played couple 5v5 ranked games, and i feel like my teammates are like t7-8ish according to their gameplay.

And i kinda wanna start ranking again with 5v5 but also its worth to mention that ranked is kinda broken right now.

Also i still think i need to find some people to party with, even i didn’t experienced with instalocks yet, i still don’t want to get tilted because I don’t feel right about my teammates when i soloq.

Any advice would be helpful.

Best advice is to wait for ranks to stabilize

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