Ranked questions

Any idea when we are getting ranked and is it worth trying to rank up in 3v3 or just wait for 5v5 do tiers transfer over to 5v5 or does everyone have to start over?


I doubt 3v3 will impact 5v5, it’s really so different it wouldn’t make sense if it did.

I wonder if Casual 5v5 is seeding the ranked 5v5 MMR though. Not visual tier, since I see no way 5v5 rank doesn’t start with everyone at the same visual tier, but SEMC has surprised me before.


That’s exactly what I was thinking man thanks for the input

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I really hope that they put the 5v5 ranked soon. The wait is killing me lol. I tried 3v3 rank, but I don’t find it as fun as 5v5.

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It might be, I’m matching better players lately and that might because I’ve put in some effort in 5v5 casuals.

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Ranked 5v5 will be coming in the next update. Your 5v5 rank points and your 3v3 rank points will be separate. In game, your VST will be the higher of the two.


Let me get this straight. We are not getting a separate visual tier for each? They really need to hire more people at SEMC…

I love that actually. You actually want to be forced to do two sorts of ranked games to have an okay VST? No you want your vst to represent your best side.

I suspect 3 v 3 will become less relevant in the future, most of the competitive players have switched to 5v5.

I think you might have missunderstood. What I want is accuracy. I want to know your tier in 3v3 and 5v5. Because if you know NOTHING of the meta of the other, you aren’t that tier in that game.

It’s not either or as you’ve put it. Showing BOTH ranks is not out of the question, and frankly, it’s what pretty much every game does.

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Other games let you see profiles. It is there that things go wrong…

Also VST isnt MMR… So VST rank means jackshit lol…

That’s as much detail as I have at the moment. I suspect that you’ll be able to see rank points for each mode, but your overall VST will be the higher of the two scores.


What I heard before was that 5v5 Ranked mmr would initially be a combination of your progress in 5v5 casual and your 3v3 mmr. Nivmett has also said that 5v5 started with no MMR as well, presumably things are still sorting themselves out there.

Ranked for 5v5 is likely coming next update for a number of reasons:

A. This update is basically a 5v5 beta of sorts, and is pretty long. They gotta be prepping something.
B. The VG pro league Preason starts in April, the actual tournaments start in June. They better have their ranked modes together before April. I can imagine them aiming for 3ish weeks of ranked mode before the pro preseasons.

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I believe this is true as well.

Ranked mode is coming in the next update, unless there’s some last minute disaster.


What would be you guys guess for when the next update is coming?

It’s usually 4-5 weeks after the previous one. The winter season ends in 14 days, I’d expect it sometime around then.


I’m really hoping for 5v5 ranked to come from the casual tiers to start off. I’ve been doing so much better in 5v5 than in 3v3. I can’t remember the last time I played 3v3, much less rank - oh, my poor decay.

Bumping both up to get a good shot at decent 5v5 matches once rank arrives

Having an okay MMR in both modes should equate to a lot better matches in 5v5. I hope they do placement matches 3-5 of them to locate your skill level

Why do they even have a VST? SEMC should just list MMR. Having separate ranking systems is stupid…

What do you mean, it’s so pretty