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Ranked match unfair


So just played this match and yay for matchmaking pulling all sorts of people together…

We lost due to low tier kill hungry players who refused to take objectives and because my enemies were very low (so were my allies) this loss was -18 points…

Fix the matchmaker already ugh

The enemy vox dealt huge amounts of damage not because he was very skilled but because my team just had to clump up with every fight. Every hit he did had connected bounces…


This is exactly why I said to stop complaining about que times and just concentrate on making MM good.

This is a perfect example of MM being impatient in order to satisfy que times.
Wam, Bam, thank you MAM. Slap any players in some kind of order. there you go.


Almost 900 points between me and my lowest ally.
And people will come here and tell me VST isn’t MMR but that’s bullshit.

People this low are either smurfs or new players…
The higher your vst the more punishment for losing.
I want to hit Vainglorious Bronze but if I won this I would have gotten 6 points and loss -18…

This match would have been bad win or lose…


that’s my favorite type of game, when the matchmaker throws a variety of skill tiers in one game


Can’t tell if you’re pulling my leg or not…


sarcasm bro 30303030303030303030


But… isn’t life is unfair as well?
Accept the fact since i am a soloq player


Life is unfair so we grasp at things to control.
Then the thing we grasp becomes uncontrollable and we spin out of control altogether…

And here we have the origin of toxic people…