Rank for new players(or smurfs)

TL;DR: smurfcusation rant and silver t4 rank starting point

New players start of at silver t4 in ranked. Why?(They did this since 5v5 ranked came out last year, this Is not to the ability of the player)

This eliminates the point of a skill rank ladder and in theory its really t1-7 than t1-10. This just encourages smurfs to easily rank to poa and vg. Combined with the unfixed matchmaker, that means the silver t4s are just are either new players or smufs. Because if it wasn’t, when was the last time the matchmaker paired you to t2 if you were in t4-7?

This means t1-t3 are really negative tiers for people who can’t play well.

Could this be the reason why matchmaking pairs you with silver t4s to make queue times short and think your up against decent plrs instead of new ones? comment on your opinion.

They reverted it, now you are placed in a tier depending on how well you did before unlocking casual, this can go from t1 to 4 or even higher.

New players should start at tier 1, i mean whats the point in having tiers 1,2 and 3 if all players start at least in tier 4. However your post makes no sense i don’t see how that would encourage smurfing.

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Agree able kek :alphabarf: :potoo:

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This has been discussed to death, tbqh. The system was changed over 2 years ago. I don’t plan on leaving this topic open long.

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Autumn was my first season. They started me at t7 gold for 5v5 and t8 silver for 3v3. Through casual, I had over an 80% win and over an 8 KDA. The game seemed too easy. I’m glad they placed me there. The competition immediately improved and I took a slice of humble pie and had to improve and learn rapidly.

I get your point about starting at tier 1. For someone like me however, I may have become complacent/cocky or bored with lack of competition or frustrated from terrible team play.

It would be interesting to go back and see how I would’ve progressed if I was tier 1 to start…

I just made a smurf account to play with a friend who wanted to get back into VG, but decayed down to rank 3. After unlocking ranked, i immediately went to 5 bronze and still couldn’t play with them :frowning: I played Gwen and had a 21 and 0 match for my unranked match.

Fortunately you gain and lose rank at a higher rate for your first few days. Unfortunately I had to lose rank. On purpose.

Most players start at 4 bronze or silver, but 3 and 5 are not unheard of. I don’t know how someone could start at rank 1 though.

EDIT — And I just earned my “First Emoji” badge. That means I’m old. I wasn’t even trying to use an emoji, I typed an emoticon and an emoji appeared. Because back in my day, if we want a smiley face in our text, we had to dial in to a BBS on our 300 baud modem and type it out. Uphill both ways.

When i was smurfing to play with my friend the trick i used was to play seriously wih only up to T2 items and no boots, that way its near impossible (hopefully) to win by landslides too much. This way you will be within the play range of your friend and your not purposely losing every game.

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