Rainbow Glaive and "RNG Protection"


Let me 1-up you and say that his recall is garbage, most legendary skins have the same recall* (truely sad on their part) but we’ve seen SEMC make quality recalls (Summer skins say hi) but we get a rainbow coming down from the skye (Space Petal rip off) and a floating cat… Quality recall 3030303003

Edit* Same default recall


Yeah I was confused I thought it was bugged or sth. Given it’s rainbow themed I was expexting Glaive to fly away using his Rocket Axe or sth idk…

It’s weird tbh, Glaive just freezes hanging while some weird forces lift him. Unless there’s some kind of reference I’m missing, tho.


The skin is pretty cool but I’ve never spent $20 on a single skin and never will lol.


I rather wait for the blueprint of the skin to drop through the free methods.

It’s a small chance, but I’m patient enough. I haven’t played Glaive for a long, long time (bar times I get him in Battle Royale).

Just the other day, I got Cyber Krul blueprint from a Quest Chest - a bronze on to boot, lol.