Rainbow Glaive and "RNG Protection"

This. This again. This all the way. Across. The. Board.

I wish we didn’t need RNG protection.

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I still despise it.
2% are still laughable odds, and the “you still get other stuff” argument doesn’t serve much since the game is plagued with duplicated blueprints and we all know it. Yay! I got Churnwalker rare skin blueprint for the 8th time!

Also gotta hate how they call it RNG Protection and set it at 50th. At that point there’s no protection at all, that’s more like “We already tricked you into wasting 4,950 ICE for 1 rare blueprint and 48 duplicates, here have your Rainbow Glaive”.


So that baiiisically means Rainbow Glaive costs about 5000 ICE? Good info to know.

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You have to be a real piece of work to fall for that. Its sad to see what VG has become.

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They could have just sold the skin outright for a fixed amount of ICE to be honest. No need for RNG protection at that point.

I don’t buy or spend Ice on anything, but I’m for the RNG protection. At the end of the day you get the skin for about the same amount as any other skin, plus you get a bunch of other crap. Maybe it’s all opals, but now you can buy those hat boxes, so what’s the harm in it all?

The harm is that you are paying twice the cost of the skin. The duplicated system is crap, the difference in value between what you would have gotten if it wasnt duplicated and the duplicated conversion is just way too much. I wouldnt pay anything for the duplicated rewards, they are just horrible.


More like four times the cost of any skin I would consider outright buying with ice

@thace I would be for RNG protection if there was a reasonable chance that I could be lucky. Say outright buying it is 1699 ice or you could buy a 200 ice RNG box with a 25% drop rate, with a guaranteed pull on the 11th try. That way, I can test my luck on having it be cheaper while not submitting myself to extremely predatory marketing techniques.

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What other skin costs 4950 ICE?


The cost of a legendary skin is 2,600 ice, with 50 chests you pay 5k ice.

I know, I was saying the only skin I considered buying outright was almost a fourth of the cost of 5k ice.

Oh, i missunderstood.

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:joy: How much did Gold Skaarf end up costing on release ?

You couldnt straight up buy it.

Wasn’t it like 1000 opals with pre-reqs to getting it ? I may be wrong

Its still 1000 opals. But idk how dp the conversion to ice to calculate the price.

He was free, actually, but you had to buy all 4 Sparkler skins at once to get him:


You forgot the 99 ice or 100 opal Gold Ticket chest that they did for 5v5 pre-release. You had the chance to get the Gold Ticket or Gold Skaarf skin (which is how I got it).

Wrong person i replied to but >_> @Moose