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Quick Question [forum background]


So, are we going to change the forum background to Kensei or no? I absolutely love Malene and all but i thought we were going to do something like changing the background to every new character when they are released?


Oops. I was working all last week when the update came out and didn’t get to do it right away … and forgot.

I’m on it!


Can we at some point get the alternate skin art, too? It would be neat if we didn’t just stick to new heroes, but new skins, too.


is it possible to make the background customizable for individual accounts, i love DD Lyra and would rather have that instead of having Kensei 1v5 my whole team flash backs. :joy::rofl:


Yes, we can do this! In fact, I’ve just set up a couple options. Head to your profile, and under the interface tab, you’ll see an dropdown menu to pick a theme from. On desktop, it should look something like this:

That’s a good question. I don’t think there’s an option to upload images unique to each user, and we might limit the options by patch content, to make it easier for us to organize and keep track of. I’ll look a bit more into it though. For the time being, you might make DD Lyra your user card or profile image? That way you could see it pretty often in other ways. :vgcheersx2:


Wow it’s awesome to see that this is actually possible! Set mine to TB Kensei and it looks great!


Yeah, it looks great! This is just one of the reasons I like this forum software. I think I set it up right, but if you run into any issues, let me know.


I’m loving the Netherknight Reza Background. thanks~!


Hipster OP! thanks buddy this is really cool.


Love these, and I love the dedication all you guys are still putting into the forums!


Hey hipster, is it possible to use other heroes and skins asides from the new ones as background images?


I like the idea of the forum background changing naturally because of the moderates it feels more seasonal and wierdly like a celebration of the update.


HipsterSkaarf is now a dragon god


Definitely. We’re working on the logistics of this process right now – we’re currently focusing on the latest heroes/skins, but I’d expect more choices to be available going forward …


Summer party kestrel theme when?


Just a heads up… we’ve got some 3.4 background options for anyone wanting to freshen up their forum experience!

they’ve been up since this morning… kind of disappointed none of you mentioned it ;-;


i already have swapped betweeen all three skaarf skins


I like the kinetic background, actually fits nicely on my phone