Queue reset

Nothing more frustrating than finding a game after sitting 7 minutes in queue and then someone declines or doesn’t accept and the queue resets and there goes another 7 minutes of waiting. 9 players were ready, the matchmaker just gotta find another one in queue in that elo and put him in that pool of 9 players not completely reset things. Its a huge issue really when this happens 2-3 times in a roll i just get off and play another game where i will get into a match in seconds. It also has a huge impact on streams, high elo players wait several minutes to find a game and then it gets declined and people just stop watching because there is no gameplay.


This is occurring less frequently for me this patch. That is to say: Last patch it happened 99% of the time, and now it tends to re-match instantly if the match is declined before hero select.
Still not ideal, and I agree with your suggested solution, but it seems to be on the Dev radar.

It has been an issue for a long time.
On their radar is a joke…
Look a torpedo is coming our way. Yes we know its on our radar (sonar) if you don’t do something it will impact quite literally…

I’m not completely happy with the situation, either - but I’m happy that this is being worked on, at least.


My queue times aren’t that long but If I’m playing a blitz I usually want a quick game. Not 3 min Queue + 5 minute game, with people dodging it ends up at 3+ minutes in queue. :frowning:

it happens to me all the time and i also see it happen all the time on streams

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Its actually a solution not a problem , surprisebirthday talked about it before
After people screenshotting their matches and show skill tier difference , they decided to reset the queue after someone declining , because finding match directly means all the prev match algorithm you got in will be unbalanced , they just going to add someone available and boom bad match .

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Well its not working at all because i still get teammates or opponents that are 2,3,4…5 tiers below mine. It shouldn’t reset, the matchmaker algorithm is just broken the reset clearly isn’t doing anything so i would rather wait 5 minutes to play with my lovely tier 4 teammates than 20

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Well most of the comments i read before the queue reset thing , were all ok waiting longer for a better match , and i agree its still the same , iam not sure if the queue reset does anything right now .

but we’re not getting better games lol,i am waiting 20 minutes in q and get tier 4s anw

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