Questions from a newbie

Those two are extremely very solid choices. Glaive has one of the best abilities in the game, Afterburn, and he can play any role quite well and Varya is a great laner with good damage against single targets and groups of enemies/minions, as well as mobility and an amazing global attack with her ult. However, I would HIGHLY advise waiting until the next patch, 3.4, to release soon before making the purchase. There’s no telling whether or not the two will be great in the new meta and there may be a chance you’ll prefer using the new hero, Kinetic, over them.

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There are a few leaks on the hero Kinetic, look at them and if you like Kinetic, then wait for her, although you can buy Glaive now and save up glory to buy Varya, then Kinetic

Thanks, from what I understand Glaive is tankier and stronger hitting than Koshka but slower. Is that right?
I love moving between the lanes with koshka. Will Glaiva be fast enough for this?

cough get malene cough

30 chars

To an extent, yes, you’re correct. However, his damage isn’t exactly comparable to Koshka’s because he fills a different niche than her. He focuses more on lasting long in fights due to his tankier base stats and passive lifesteal from his ult, while Koshka focuses purely on dealing large amounts of damage in a short period of time.
As for his mobility in regards to moving in between lanes, he’s quite fine. His base movespeed is decent enough (and it will be increased like everyone else’s in the coming update, so that’s quite nice) and he can use Afterburn to reliably get close to enemies when ganking. However, he’s definitely not as fast as Koshka because her perk provides her with an almost permanent speed boost, which he obviously doesn’t have.

Thanks, I went ahead and bought Glaive and excited to try out.
His ability cooldowns look long. Is it better to focus on WP? Ive been using mostly CP on koshka.

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WP is definitely the go to as glaive, CP is more about utility than being damage since his CP builds are all about cooldown.

The cooldown is a big Downside. If you wanna reduce it, go with halcyon boots, you can allow yourself to say no to journey boots. Other than that, SW, TT, TT, 2 defense items and you can go on a massacre, under no circumstances should you use the recommended builds for Glaive, they are extremely bad and badly thought out. If you face squishy enemies, then build TM instead of TT and if you face extremely tanky enemies, then replace SB with BP

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Thanks and now I need to find out what TT TM and all mean :smirk:

it’s in the weapons section :slight_smile:

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TT is Tornado Trigger, TM is Tyrants Monocle

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Wonder why mage for bottom lane?
Mages focus on CP and crystal orb is on top lane?
Is there something Im missing?

Mid and top are mostly mages not bot so you are on point

on point is a skill name for Blackfeather and its a pun. If you pay attention you will find a lot of those on the forums

It depends on person to person. Id say you’ll become an average player at Tier 8. Some people take a year. Some take a month. But on an avg, you’ll need about a month or so to even know whats happening.

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it’s possible that the Mage was going through a “rotation”… which loosely means to “cover” for a player who has died, is on low health or simply needs to port back to go shopping.

it’s important for this to happen, as it promotes better “Map Awareness”. knowing when to rotate is something that needs to be communicated using “pings”, which is a system that is widely mis-understood. Voice is better, but that’s only available when forming a team (using invites prior to a match).

The positions that should be rotating the most is the Roam and the Jungler, so for a MidLaner to rotate down, means some serious trouble (maybe they both died).


I have another doubt pop up in my mind while going through the items.
How exactly does stacking work? Consider Dragon’s eye. When does the scaling start? From the time you buy it? Every second? Or when you kill a minion?
Can someone clear this for me?

You gain a stack of 12 CP for each second you are damaging an enemy hero. You can gain a maximum of 18 stacks. After 4 seconds elapses from your last stack u gained, the stacks decay by 1 per second.

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Tier 8? I guess I’m still a skrub even 2 years in.


Dragon’s Eye stacks From the moment you start damaging a HERO and keeps stacking as long as you keep applying DMG to HEROES at LEAST every 4 seconds.

minions and monsters don’t count.


T6 preseason>t8 now…

The boosting is that bad…