Questionable teammates

So I just have a really weird game as CW ( I know he’s not solo q friendly but hey I’m feeling lucky after winning as jungler so I thought I can play some captains). Unfortunately, my mid laner Varya is probably new to the game (nice matchmaker) and their mid lane CP Vox is like poa or vg gold something with godly stutterstep mechanic. Till mid game their Alpha and Catherine decided to go afk so I thought they would surrender because its a 3v5. But guess what, even bots are better than my teammates lol. We tried to push mid to win but their CP Vox is so fed that he wiped out me, Glaive and Idris trying to dive him under turret. My top laner WP Vox is not so far behind but he could have dive in too to finish him but he didnt. HE EVEN LOSE A 1V1 TO A CP VOX AS A WP VOX. At 25 minute, I kinda lost my hope, I saw their team getting blackclaw so I pinged them to just go in and finish the game, then I soon realize my Vox is busy taking a freaking blue buff wtf. So we engage a 4v3, my Varya died instantly as usual, my 2 other teammate can’t kill their Vox eventhought I tried to dive deep, left 2 of them and distracted their Ringo who was late at the fight instead. Somehow 4 of us died eventho I used every actives. Our Vox was the only hope but hey, better take blue buff instead.
So yeah, the fact that me as a captain trying to help my team win a 5v3 but we lost makes me learn something: from now on probably stick to laner/jungler till they release 5v5 rank.


I knew this was going to be good from the title

Well that’s time I’m not getting back, thanks OP.

PS - I might have been that mid lane Vox.

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I know the feeling. I refuse to captain in 5v5 because of this. A support laner sure no poblem. I’ll play a captain as laner and offer my team a lot of utility.

But playing an actual captain is suicide in soloque.

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TIL I can suffer from in-game tilt from a forum post.

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Your vox was quite a player
30 characters

Agree…i give up to play full support captain. It is better to play captain damage just to help the others. However, FoR and Crucible are still very important.

I am a main Captain and here is my advice.


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Tbh, CP vox’s single target damage is ridiculously high for some reason…
I hope they nerf it before ranked hits, or one ban is being wasted on vox.
i.e. if they implement double bans, which they should

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He has both singular damage and aoe damage it is indeed ridiculously strong but many heroes are very strong atm.

Well, imo they aren’t exactly “strong” (except koshka vox krul taka), but it’s like they counter a lot of stuff.
Alpha is an amazing squishy counter, and stuff like Celeste, Vox, Ringo, Skaarf, Skye , baron are quite popular laners.
I’ve had really few games where anyone wants to play a tanky laner, and then if there’s an enemy alpha, we get destroyed.

While if I have a reim top and krul jungle, and alpha doesn’t straightaway dive for the squishy, then she doesn’t really do much tbh.

Same could go with someone like… grumpjaw I guess.
If you manage to get a few successful ganks on squishies off in the first 9-10mins and take early turrets, you have an easy win, but if enemy is like Glaive and other bruisers, then gg.

So like, each game it’s basically about countering like their entire team, or being countered by their entire team.

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