Question regarding Capacitor Plate

So I am confusion.

It saids on the description “Your heals and barriers are 20% stronger”, but that lacks clairity. Here are some questions:

  • Does fortified health counts as a type of barrier? (Eg. Reim’s Perk, Phinn’s B)
  • Does it buff life steal or individual-exclusive heals? (Eg. Taka’s B, Samuel’s Perk)
  • Does it affect other items and their strength? (Fountain of Renewel, Reflex Block)
  • Does directional shield buffs counts? (Grace’s A, Lance’s B)

America explain!


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@MobileLegendPlayer already answered your main questions correctly.

But let me introduce myself:
Hi Confusion my name is Xaldarian and you have me confused.

Ok so while we’re on this topic, I have a question. Does it only buff heals on you, or also heals you apply?

e.g. Let’s say I have a Capacitor plate and a Fountain. If I activate the fountain, I get healed for the regular amount +20%. Do my allies also get the +20%, or just the regular amount?

all heals you produce get the 20%


Username checks out with post


It’ll buff all heals, this is the region why Adagio is so ridiculously strong right now…