Question for support heroes

looking for advice and tips here.
most of the time i play as a support, and being a support my gold kinda rely on how my team farms.

if my junglers are always camping in the bush and looking for teamfights too early into the game instead of using the time to farm. and/or my laner kept dying too much.

i tried with or without contract, i even felt i spent too much on mines for my laner because he kept getting ganked by enemy when he pushed a bit too far (early game).
i cant get gold by sticking around either my laner nor jungler. i cant get items fast enough to support my team. an example of a match i had. my laner pings me to get contraption, and renewal, and at the same time my jungler pings me to get crucible, when he (SAW laner) doesnt even have a sorrowblade/serpent mask.
i felt my jungler wasted a bit too much time camping for an ambush, and my laner is always positioned too far away attempting to harrass enemy laner instead of last hitting minions closing in our turret zone (thus getting ganked often).

long story short, my team cant farm fast enough for themselves, and they expect me to have support items already. i cant buy ANYTHING yet.

Most of the time, by mid game, it snowballed from there. enemy are starting to build good items and my team is behind. we lost in every teamfight and i felt we should stick to farming already. but both my teammates are always calling out for teamfights.

So, what do i do? Do i farm by myself? Do i stick with them.
I dont know how to turn around or even win in this situation

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I hate that situation, which has happened to me more than a few times, unfortunately.

Hopefully you’ve picked a captain with a decent clear rate. Get stormcrown early and just farm at every opportunity. (If your jungler is sitting around in bushes, go collect farm from your jungle. If he’s farming, consider pushing into the enemy jungle a bit and stealing THEIR farm. That also will take some pressure off your laner, btw.)

It’s hard to carry a team as an impoverished captain, no matter what. If your carries aren’t doing their job, it’s hard to win.


Honestly I recommend using adiago and build cp to maximize his abilities and increase damage he makes carrying as a captain barable as long as you don’t let yourself get ganked

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That is the core problem with playing support in 3v3. You are very dependent on your 2 other teammates. In 5v5 there is often enough space for you to make plays as a second ganker or steal enemy farm. Your map awareness skill can really shine there. I suggest giving 5v5 a try and see if you like playing support better there.


No just no. Stormcrown is a 3rd buy not 1st.

I didn’t say “get stormcrown first,” I said “get stormcrown early.”

Also, it’d be more helpful to the OP if you elaborated regarding the two items you’d recommend prior to getting stormcrown rather than leaving everyone to guess what you’re talking about.


thanks for the replies. i do play ardan as main in 5v5, it’s a lot easier to manage compared to 3v3 like explained above.
i was trying to practice adagio on 3v3 hopefully i can have more option when playing 5v5 ranked.
is clockwork recommended for adagio? if my team is doing well and i can build 1crystal item for dmg, what do i build? AC?

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With adagio I tend to do mostly cp items with fountain and crucible. As for which cp items I tend to either have clockwork or Aftershock the rest is kinda situational and depends on play style

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With noob teammates and noob enemies , you could go tank jungler and build fountain later.

But if you want to support you have two options

  1. go flicker
    Going flicker means you dont need to build vision , because flicker can see the enemy vision , so just stealth and go around destroy enemy vision and gank , it makes enemy invest in vision and get fountain late .

  2. go catherine
    Building cooldown items means a lot for catherine because she has her B (damage reflection) which makes her very strong against noob enemy team , they cant tell if they are hurting themselves or not , so they attack her in her bubble and they die from the reflected damage .

The rest roam heroes depends in your team , these two roam heroes are the most heroes that can do a lot alone , they just make enemy annoyed and not focused or frustrated .

Adagio has enough early game damage to hold his own. When supporting with him I usually start bottom lane and help push there with his range and damage. I will pop into the jungle a bit and rotate to empty lanes(Abandoned or dead teammates) and get gold that way. I also build a lot of extra hp for his heal, it can be very good if used properly.

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No point getting fountain first in 5v5, you could go ssc or as or SC or crucible all depending on who you are. Sc is actually good if you’re teammates aren’t pushing their lanes, you help clear, harass the enemy and even steal jungle camps.
Tbh if you’re a captain main in 5v5 then I respect you no matter what, I used to captain in 3v3 and have given up on the role in 5v5. It’s impossible to satisfy everyone and you know that the laners currently overextending on the other side of the map is going to ping the shit out of you after getting 3 man ganked.


Flicker is boarderline OP flex pick… you can go full support or hybrid CP, or Full CP. If you’re having those kinda problems, just flex to Full CP and farm lane, your abilities will get you gold in no time.

Another good flex pick is Lance, Can go WP route.

Adagio i wouldn’t recommend without watching some pro plays and knowing how to take advantage of his perk. Even to this day, I still need a battery for him. Pro Adagio players never need any energy at all. If you’re needing a clockwork, you’re playing wrong.

Of course Catherine is always good. Sensible pick.

Just remember to Abandon being a Roam and start dealing some damage if you have unskilled carries.

I might be wrong but your post seems to suggest low skill tier, if this is the case can I advise you to just hard carry to tier 8. Honestly roaming for poor players is incredible frustrating, your impact in 3v3 at this levels will be minimal and you’ll find it impossible to rank.

If you really want to roam, go fortress and build a couple of offensive items, you might actually be able to negate your allies poor choices/plays.

Fortress? He’s kinda OP right now with only a couple of items providing plenty of room to build additional support items.

yeah, im around t5-t6 mostly, it’s very hard to climb t7 onwards with the pool of players im getting if i go solo-q everytime. i can support my team very well if they know what they are doing. i dont imply that i always play better, but i feel that most of the time a lot of players around this tier doesnt really understand the hero well enough to be placed at this tier. that was the most frustrating part for me.

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i recently played consistently with 2team mates, and it felt a lot easier and better to win.
now it’s difficult to adapt to solo-q players

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A lot of players were stuck in tier 6 for long time and i was one of them
I watch streams from time to time in twitch and recently i watched a guy in tier 7 gold streaming

He was following the recommended builds !

Man when i was tier 6 i know exactly what to build and how to fight
But the problem getting matched against duoq with strong roam
Duo q there with something like ardan-ringo or ardan-vox is insta win because the roam not building atlas , and you cant focus their carry because of ardan , so just building crit win them the game , it needs a lot of communication to win as a solo against a duo has ardan or grace .

Honestly do yourself a favour and abuse some meta jungle picks, forget roaming, if your good enough you’ll be able to climb with or without a support /roam. As a roam you can’t carry bad carries as your impact is less meaningful at these tiers.

I made a smurf at Xmas to see just how difficult it is to climb, I soon gave up attempting to roam as it’s far to frustrating, people farm badly, build badly and compltly ignore your pings and the captain should really be the guy dictating plays.

I climbed to tier 8 in a few weeks without to many problems once I abused some of the meta junglers at the time.

Honeslty it depends on what the rest of your team is doing at that moment.

As a captain, most of what you do is purely situational – you have to be on your toes most of the time. Of course, if your team isn’t performing to your standards, you could always find friends to play with (this is me saying add me!) or just sacrifice them for the greater good. Whenever I roam 5v5, I usually stick with the mid laner, while rotating with our jungler to top or bottom when I get the chance.

Early teamfights are usually a pretty good idea, unless your team is mainly composed of late game heroes. If you manage to trade kills, the first blood gives a decent advantage to whoever grabbed it (it could be you O.o) which puts you ahead on farm. As a roam I usually grab a weapons blade or crystal bit as my first item just to get a little damage, and it usually turns into an actual damage item before late game. The problem with 5v5 is the fact that the map is too big to always be on farm with a jungler or carry, and you just have to learn how to rotate better or find some way to get farm on your own.