Que times are maddeningly long

Here I am again in a 20+ min que.
I have been queing for 20 min now with 3x no accept.
In 20+min I haven’t even seen a draft. In drafts I usually see 1-3 dodges. Something has got to change…

This is unbearable. We need a loud ping or something to alert people that a game has been found.

I could have played 4 blitzes easily…
In the past the expected wait time showed us how many people were online and that we might have to wait a bit.

Now the ui lacks transparency.

Update it took 25 min to get into my first draft.

Draft took 5 min so it took me 30 min to get into one game

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The sound it makes when a game is found is pretty loud, and jarring.

We need dodge penalties clear and ever present.


Nope the sound is not noticable at 3 metres distance… And I can’t stare at a blackscreen for 20+ min either…

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At full volume you can’t hear that sound from 3 meters?

Maybe consider Bluetooth headphones?

That is not the problem. The notification is extremely minor…

So if I step away while waiting 10-20 minutes I can and will miss the notification of game found…

Can you alaborate on the notification being minor?

Just so I’m sure we’re discussing the same sound, we’re talking about the sound, I assume - when the game is open, and the “Match Found” screen appears where you gotta accept?

Again, that’s not exactly a quiet sound. It’s full of texture, and oomph, it’s very loud, and it takes a few seconds to trail off before its loudness lessens and dissipates.

Maybe your speakers aren’t very good?

I have a lot of sound on my device Nexus 9 it is just that freaking game found notification that os bearly hearable…

I don’t know what you’re referencing at this point. In my previous post I asked if we were talking about the same sound, could you humor me and maybe answer that question?

We are referring to the same sound…
The game found sound is something I see earlier than hearing it. It stays at the same volume level just a different sound.


Out of curiosity, I’d love to understand what about it to you is “minor”?

Sound in question

Save for compression, which has butchered the quality - it’s not exactly a faint notification.

I do sound design as a hobby and I just want a better take of your perspective.

It is 10% of that for me… 10% tops
@60% volume because I get blown away at 100% so it is not that the game sound isn’t coming through.
Netflix I watch at 100% volume but VG at like 60%…

Wow, really? Can you set per-application voume still on Android? How strange that it’s so quiet for you.

You can. but it is one specific element within the game not an overall sound problem…

Black screen bug op. They need to solve it first.

not every device has the same strength of vibration or sound, no hate or shade but my old galaxy is loud ad but the vibration is crap, unlike my iphone which is the same amount of loudness and stronger vibration strength


I totally understand that. Thanks, though.

We discussed the sound yesterday - I wasn’t denying that Xal was having the issues, I was just extremely curious about his particular scenario. I enjoy seeking perspectives.

Also, funnily enough, I’ve not played Vainglory on a phone since the Android beta test, and have completely forgotten that the game makes a device vibrate. If you hadn’t mentioned that I’m not sure I’d have remembered.


Im againts giving penalites for dodging the accept screen, its basically what its for, sometimes you want to change modes but it pop ups too fast and sometimes the timer runs out right as you get back from the loo.

I’m against 20 min ques…

Have you thought about buying the express pass in the market? Your queue is prioritized over other players.