So with the whole world going crazy, I was wondering how all you are doing, and how you are using your time at home.

When the whole social distancing thing was announced here in the UK last week, I was actually volunteering in Cambodia as part of my gap year. I was supposed to spend 8 weeks there and 5 months away from home in Total (with Vietnam, Australia and New Zealand on my list) but after some discussions with my parents and information from government websites decided it was best I came home ASAP. And good thing I did, because two days later the country went on total lockdown. Some of the people I was travelling with are now stuck out in SEA.

Anyway, I’m using my time at home to work on things I’ve wanted to for some time:

  • I’ve picked up my writing again, I’m working on a longer novel rather than just short stories, I’ll probably keep you all updated on that.

  • I’m doing home workouts again, something I had given up mainly because I started going to the climbing gym more often, but can’t do that now

  • I also try to go out for a run at 7 every morning, we’re recommended to not go out the house more than once a day, and avoid all contact. I’m lucky enough to have a large private area of land around my house which I can more or less run the perimeter of (difficult where it’s forested and steep.

  • I’ve also started learning Norwegian on Duolingo, just doing a little every day, something I’ve wanted to do for some time.

  • Other than that, in my free time I’ve been reading (currently the Dune series), drawing, trying to rank up in games like Vainglory and Splatoon (both of which aren’t particularly active games any more but y’know), and playing my saxophone when I get bored. Oh, and helping my younger siblings out with their schoolwork.

I find it helps to have a list of things to do like this otherwise I end up sitting around watching shit on Youtube all day. Other than what I’ve listed, I’ve been wanting to start teaching myself guitar again (something I gave up on a while ago) but haven’t got round to that yet.

I’d love to hear how all you are doing, and what you’ve been up to.

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