Quality troll build

I don’t know if there is any legit troll build threads but then again that kinda doesn’t make sense so how about off-meta builds that seem like troll builds?

Anyway here’s one I did with CC Lord reim

They didn’t stand a chance
I’ll upload some other “quality” builds iv been screwing around with if this one doesn’t get too much hate lol


What is this build. You have my approval.


I hope you know that vampirism doesn’t stack… :slight_smile: /sarcasm

You can do better @ trolling imho. This is semi good one, I admit. Makes them wonder if you are total noob or a troll. :stuck_out_tongue:

Lmao at mvp

Funniest thing is this is better than half the stuff I’ve seen in BR


I had someone build a Samuel PS TM TTx4 in BR earlier and I was mad…

He carried the game, making me even madder :joy:


WP Samuel is infuriatingly valid in BR recently. That, or I’m playing on a whole new tier of suck.


Where he’s still mvp

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I’ve done WP Samuel a lot in BR. It’s hella fun

The pro stormcrown users in br :slight_smile:

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