Quality of players in the game

Ive been playing EVERYDAY for more than two years now. And Ive come to realise something since the 5v5 update came in- The fall in the QUALITY of players. A year back, someone reaching VG would be like a huge achievement. Now everyones in VG. And people are reaching VG too fast. Earlier the VG players had a lot of experience/skill. The current mass vg players have the skill of maybe a t8. Not even kidding. When i play old vg players, i can automatically see a difference in their skill from a new vg player. For eg, protecting the carry from kestrel ult by body blocking using lance C, cancelling ults using stuns. I barely see any experienced or quick thought plays at all. The game has turned from strategy based to a damage based. People just want to do more damage. 50% of the t10s dont know how to use RB/crucible properly. They just buy husk. People at a t9-t10 level dont even have basic item sense. The game was really fun for me till 5v5 came out. Id lose 3v3 ranked games and not feel that bad cos i could see the difference in skill. These days i feel terrible losing cos my teammates are so trash. I dont even feel like trying anymore. People fight for carry and instalock wp carries and cant do basic stutterstepping. People dont know how to dodge skillshots. People dont know how to draft. People blindly ban yates. They dont understand how easy it is to counter yates with phinn. Yesterday i was playing against a yates+skaarf and even though i told my teammate to pick phinn, he picked lance. He was in lane with me, randomly using his B on the minions and disturbing my flow and i missed so many of my last hits. All he had to do was stand infront of me and body block the skaarf and yates A. But no. he hides in the bush and randomly blindly keeps impaling into the opp bush and yates kept pulling me towards the turret. He was t10 last season btw. I really think POA needs a wider elo range just like VG. Maybe 2000-2600 and VG needs 2600-3500 or something around that range. This quality decrease became prevalent only after 5v5 came out. Players got divided. The old t8s reached t10 and t6s/t7s reached t9. I dont even understand why ranking starts from t4. When i started playing, i started at t1 and i had to climb 9 ranks to t10. Now people have to climb just 6 tiers. Something really needs to be done about ranking and players quality.


I blame the way they made ELO recovery work after every season reset. People can’t hypercarry matches and they won’t let you hypercarry them.


I’m pretty sure YEETS was banned due to his invincibility bug and how it could turn around a game within an instant. As long as he didn’t recast ult, he was free to metaphorically eat your ass for as long as he wanted.

I haven’t paid attention to VG so I dunno if it’s been fixed or not.

Edit: Personally, I believe that all VG players are low IQ fools for still playing the game, including myself. Salt asside, when the pro scene is as laughable as it is, I don’t see why you would expect good players in your own games.


I’m glad other people noticed how quality died after 5v5 was released.


Communication between individuals hasn’t got better but definitely between guilds. That communication allows them to do much better as a team and in turn builds up individuals tiers. This doesn’t mean the player is really good in itself, so they then play solo but aren’t great because their role is a lot more skewed, hence one reason why there are so many bad VG players.

Game got more popular is what happened. The talent pool for Vainglory when it was first getting started was comparatively large because the player population was small, niche, and specific in its gaming habits. More MOBA veterans; more dedicated gamers. Community was healthier and less toxic too.

But once the game went mainstream (I suspect that the release of 5v5 is the prime culprit here), hordes of below-average players took to the game (in turn dragging the average skill of Vainglory’s player base down with it).

This is part of the reason why modern day T7 and T8 play like 2016’s T6 and T5.

I don’t really bitch about bad players because of some silly belief that they’re preventing me from ranking up. I just want to play the game the way I want to play it, which is to spam Casual 3v3 nonstop while getting tier 7-8 teammates and enemies ( and maybe the occasional T9 or two).

MMing really went to hell the second they introduced Chaos Que to the game.

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They disabled CQ a long ago.

“”“disabled”"" :eyes:

We need a yearly full elo reset tbh


SEMC really need to redesign the whole ranking system. To make it starting from tier 1, t o make it harder to move in any tier so it’s slower to rank up/down(as it’s in VG now - 3/5 points instead of 25 in the lower tiers, never understand that and it’s bad), BUT less fluctuation and the skill tiers to represent more a skill difference.

As for the - but what if a pro created a new account. Well, a lot of games have “play X games to be ranked, normally around 10”. The system on purpose put you in games of different skill tier to determine where you belong. Cleaver, easy and does the job with less “ruined” games compared to slowly or boosted climbing pro.

Right now t9 is the previous t6-t7 and currently t7-t9 is kinda the same - no big difference in skill. t10 is where are all the rest - t8 and up.

tl:dr the elo ranking system is flawed and needs a major redesign to stop that - everyone semi decent is in t10, everyone else is in the lower tiers and like the same and on top of that - a lot of boosted noobs in t10 somehow.

Ummm, not exactly …

There was a fairly big spike in interest and activity with the initial release of 5v5. That faded rather rapidly, however, and my firm belief is that the player base is significantly smaller now than it was during 3v3’s heyday.

This graph from Google Trends is an accurate reflection of what I’ve seen with Andi (my Vainglory-oriented Discord bot that’s currently in >1800 Discord servers):

SEMC were hoping that 5v5 would turn that trend line upward, but as you can see, it barely had any effect at all on the overall trajectory.

The problem is not that the pool of skilled players has been diluted by too many new, unskilled players – it’s that the pool of players overall is smaller and that many of the most skilled players have left the game.


So many bad ( desperate ) decisions from SEMC side after 2.8 (summer 2017)… not only I am sure they didn’t bring them a lot more income that the previous state of the monetisation/player base in the game, but it started to fade the game a lot faster than it otherwise would.

*For me they should had polish and develop the mode more.
*They should have changed kits if needed to fit 5vs5 (variation of the hero given skill, but more suited for 5vs5. That *way the hero would still feel itself).
*They should have not going all RNG.
*They should had not do that golden ticket bs
*They should had not release the core creators of the game
*Yeah, that includes the lore too and actually so many great things
*They should had not killed the forums. It’s even still online… obv they just didn’t want to pay someone for administration/moderation + avoid negative opinions on official channel
*They should had toned down the money towards the esport - little bit less price pool, little bit less for organisations - but still there and keep it alive. Well, they killed that too, cutting basically all the money towards it AND even f over their casters
*They should had acted asap vs the toxic meta that formed and aggressively
*They should had not do that new battlepass bs with 2/3 of the “ICE value” towards talents. Even destroyed the season dial that was soo good looking and informative. Now they hide how much sun you need for a level… ofc
*Instead of hats they should had developed different teleport animations per hero for example
*Maybe even different sound packs per hero
*Put the 20 more missing things here as even I can continue to type, but don’t want the post too big

The game was going downhill as most of the games, but SEMC really did so many wrong decisions that the release of 5vs5 was shadowed by them and ultimately leaded to a worse state of the game. In all direction - out of game experience, gameplay, player base, also income for them, I am sure of.


Getting vainglorious was not a big deal at all a year ago anyone who plays a lot could reach it maybe 2 year to 2 and a half years ago tier 10 was a big deal.

Yeah but atleast they had to play alot. These days account lvl 20-30 people are in VG n they arent even smurfs. They are basically scrubs who think theyre too good cos they are t10 and challenge me to 1v1s and lose terrible. They are basically the instalock Voxes who think Vox = win.

it actually takes more games to rank up a new account from unranked to vg now than before

Whattt no way. I created a smurf a month back. I unlocked rank at lvl 10 and was at poa bronze. How hard is it to rank up from poa bronze to vg with a party lol.

I know that, but MMing is still worse than pre-CQ MMing.

This happens every three or so games now post-CQ. This didn’t really occur all that frequently pre-CQ.

Again, same garbage.

Honestly, until they said it, I though we were still in CQ, so yes it horrible, I didn’t notice any difference between CQ an normal Queue.

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