Quality Life Improvements this next patch? Wishlist

I hope other than the UI overhaul, connectivity, bug fixes and stuff like that, we are going to have other improvements, for instance:

  1. Have an toggle to make all splash art, renders and particle effects appear at 1440p or even 4K.

  2. Give us a HD dynamic home screen wallpaper. Or rather, let us SELECT what splash art we want for the in-game homescreen.

  3. Bring back the feature to ping an offline friends or friends who are already in a match.

  4. Bring Draft to Casual 5v5.

There’s an overhaul planned for 4.1?

As to other points:

  1. What device do you use? Most things seem pretty crisp on my iPhone XS max. But I agree - they should show off their work more, the art is pretty amazing.

  2. Selectable homescreen would be cool, but I appreciate that they want it be something of an advertisement for the newest content. Other customizable things would be really nice though. This thread on Hero Ping Packs has a bit about that idea. Maybe you should start a thread for people to say what kinds of things they’d like to customize in-app?

  3. Agreed, I think we need that too.

  4. Have to disagree on that… I think draft is best kept to ranked.


The servers lag is my request + bug fixes (too many to start listing).

They are gonna continue with the on-going overhaul, for Vainglory X

And also i have the 10.5 inch IPad Pro. And the bigger screen size does really affect the quality of the splash art. And the art is AMAZING, what a shame it’s not in high quality as it used to be (SEMC lowered the resolution on splash arts, visual renders and cards (rip card system) back in the day to help reduce the game size).

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Add some east coast servers for NA so I don’t have to play with 200 ping.

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the splash arts would need to be an additional download. It’s downloaded at a lower resolution to save space.