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PVP and hero selection



I am a noob to Vainglory. I am just shy of level 9. I’ve played with several characters, in BOT mode, have decided on a couple I’d like to play in PVP and played my first PVP game, this morning. Rather than being able to select my hero, it seems I was randomly assigned a hero. I was assigned “PETAL.” Now, I don’t know about anyone else but Petal is NOT one of the two heroes that I want to play. From the time I got connected to the server for the PVP match, things moved quite quickly and I was not able to see much about changing heroes, but what I think I saw was the option to change heroes IF I paid 300 ice for the ability to change to another hero. Needless to say, I spent most of the battle watching the other two members of my team lose the battle while I was regenerating. I wanted to help my team but was embarrassed by my poor performance. I was honored after the match, for what reason I don’t know, by Moredrid. If you’re reading this, Moredrid, I’m sorry I let you down, buddy.

Anyway, my questions, are the heroes randomly assigned in PVP? If so, how do I change the hero to one that I WANT to play? Thank you for any assistance.




You played in the Battle Royale mode, where your hero is randomly selected. In all the other modes (Blitz and Casual/Ranked 3V3 and 5V5), you can freely choose any hero you have unlocked or those that are on the limited free-to-play hero rotation outside of ranked modes.
Also, I’m actually surprised that you’ve never played PvP, considering it’s one of the main appeals of the game genre.


Battle royal players are forgiving as you rarely get your main. Though i suggest beefing up to being able to have 6 heroes you can play decently if you want to avoid getting someone insta lockin


Thank you, DIMTI. I appreciate your quick response. That left a sour taste in my mouth. Of all the game modes I could have played, leave it to me to select the one that randomly assigns heroes.

However, I have seen that this game is geared toward PVP, rather than single player. I wanted to gain some experience and learn more about the game before getting involved with PVP. I want to feel like I’m an asset to my team and can help them win, rather than someone who just keeps dying. Thanks, again.




Thanks for the quick reply, Satanicsoldier. I’ll take your suggestion and beef myself up some more. I want to be a contributor to my team rather than a nuisance.




What 2 heroes do you usually play


If you dont have any specific hero you want to play with at this point of time I would rather suggest playing Battle Royale mode as you can cover a lot of heroes and find your comfortable play style. For example when you accept the match before the match begins try to read about the abilities of the hero you have been assigned and never for the love of god spend ice to change your hero( Trust me you will regret it). read how the abilities work and how you can make them work. If you can’t get any idea then read the tips( the bulb icon besides the abilities, this is only displayed during hero select ). And this is how I increased my hero pool or the number of heroes I’m comfortable with.

Please note that your strategy based knowledge wont increase if you only play battle royale. If you wan to have a more satisfying experience then I recommend playing other modes first.

Also the first and most important thing for you right now is to find out your playstyle.

Best of luck for ranked matches when you unlock them.


So far, of the ten characters I have , I like to play Glaive and Gwen. What are your preferences?


Thanks, Nocturnal1401. Lots of good information and advice from which I can learn. I realize that playing only one mode of play will not increase my abilities or knowledge of the game. I’l tell you, though, the one thing I need to get better at is being aware of my surroundings and knowing when my team mates are in trouble so I can help them. Right now, and maybe this is because I’m still green, I’m too focused on myself and keeping my own health up to worry about anything else. I also realize that I still have much to learn being only a level nine. Thanks again for your help.




if you want to watch informative videos about vainglory then I highly recommend watching Excoundrel( yes those are the exact spellings). He has some of the best videos out there ranging from meta hero list to item builds and some really advanced topics such as wave control in simplified manner are explained.


I have been on a lyra kick but before than i was maining idris