Pushing with kraken

I think the kraken change in 3v3 good and bad at the same time
So the 3v3 is somehow took something from the 5v5 which is die for the armory !

In 3v3 since the kraken gives 0 gold if you kill her , then just die for the turrets !

In my all games i do that actually , but my team still living the old days 3v3
We used to fear fighting enemy while pushing with kraken so we die and give them free gold from kraken , i still see people do this while the game changed , just die for the turrets nothing there to fear , kraken gives 0 gooollldddd.

Kraken is changed back to what it was , gives 500 to the defending team
So the thread is useless !

Splitpushing is actually better. One person clears their jungle and miner and 2 people push with kraken. You make a counter ace nigh impossible that way. If they focus on the two players back down and let kraken take free hits while they run after you. Reengage as soon as they focus on kraken again. Only when there are 2-3 turrets left should you go all in…


I haven’t played 3v3 since Golden Ticket release. When did they change that? More importantly, why?

Also, Xald is right about the split pushing

It was around the golden ticket debacle.
It is to ensure snowballing and thus speeding up the game. It is really sick because you lose so much gold by attacking kraken that is attacking you…


i dont think split pushing is right , just all go in for turrets and take most of them
their farm worth nothing compared to the 500 gold kraken used to give and they cant take thier own sentry , so their jungle gold worth nothing , you gain more from taking turrets and you make the game harder for them , even if they ace for that its worth it .

i think the change is good because of a lot of things , like right now stealing kraken worth it
we used to fear stealing kraken because you could die for it and enemy kill it before it touches the turrets and they gain 500 each .

while right now if you steal it , enemy going to waste time killing it for nothing , so taking kraken right now is worth it and dying for taking it is worth it , either you give your team time to comeback by stealing it or you could possible steal it and live which is the best comeback .

so i would say in this 3v3 , if you pushed 2 turrets before kraken , you probably going to win and if you couldnt win you are bad , because with the kraken change just die for the last turrets and the vaincrystal , i lost some games because of my team letting enemy comeback , like right now playing with full party and communication easy win , but if you in soloq and pushing objective until kraken spawn , you could win by watching your team and enemy team and work on pushing while they distracted .

Sadly though in soloq because there is no gold involved you get your team chasing the enemy even when the kraken is at the last 2 turrets protected your vaincrystal. I have had matches where even with the kraken being unleashed on us we have won, but that was mostly due to us taken most their turrets and nearly capturing the kraken until a taka last hit it

well if enemy pushing the last turrets with kraken , you need to fight !

as a team with kraken (pushing) , just be there and wait kraken touch the turrets and push turrets just prevent enemy from damaging kraken bad and dont fight .

as a team defending against kraken , you have to fight , if enemy reach the last turrets with healthy kraken you already lost the game , so chasing enemy worth it , unless your team have high damage and can take kraken easy , then just fight kraken .

Yes but if the kraken reaches the vain while chasing the enemy you are too late

thats map awareness and game sense
anyone doing more than what planned is bad , like if you chased enemy and killed one then thats enough just teleport back and kill kraken , acing enemy not the goal ! the goal is just ruining the full push .

soloq is very bad in these goals , i would say just teleport and kill kraken and let them chase as they want , chasing with them makes the idea about chasing , going back make them think and maybe teleport with you.

Sadly they usually die as the get ganked i have found saw and gwen players to be the worst offenders

they arent designed for late game , gwen and saw should snowball
so any sloppy fights with them means you lost your advantage
early game jungler , late game laner is the best for 3v3

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Update !

I was watching a streamer in twitch playing 3v3 he killed kraken and 500 gold added to his gold , i thought my eyes tricked me or something so i tested it in practice with 2 accounts , i got the 500 gold from killing the kraken !

@Xaldarian i remember your thread about kraken it looks like it was a mistake or something , i didnt see any comments about this change from semc not even in the patch notes , they removed the gold then added it back without any comments , i thought it a permanent change ! It was an interesting change , rip .


You get gold for killing the Kraken. O_o