"push top lane" is NOT A STRAT

legit some SAW scrub actually thought he could win top lane . like wtf.

in the chat during draft, he actively encouraged 2 to push top, which ended up with 3 trying (roam helped) . like wtf.

seriously. they failed. bottom fell. mid fell. and we was in for a snowball. I managed to steal some jungle creeps, wp and crystal. it din’t help.

no coordination what so ever.

i couldn’t even chat back, despite me turning “ON” chat in settings. but having “chat notifications OFF”

the only thing i could think of is that SAW SCRUB was mistaking top for bottom and had his pad upside-down.
but after some consideration and a little bit of analysis of past games. People ACTUALLY BELIEVE this is a winnable strategy?!?!?!? like omFg.

ok. rant over.

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the hero SAW just pisses me off. Period.

People think he’s viable. I ban him in draft so my team doesn’t pick him. I should not have to do that.


Typical SAW players… What do you expect?


Saw can be great in a skilled player hands… just it’s easy to use and a lot of noobs/trolls(to piss u off) use him.

i like SAW. i just don’t like SAW promoting such a BAD STRAT that doesn’t work~!!!

Top can be won at times not often. Though winning the top and losing everything else is never a good idea


Saw alone can take down turrets easily without 2 or 3 people wtf…

If you see people approaching. Head back… vision exist boo


it’s dangerous to commit to just one lane.
especially so early into the game where you don’t even know which lane the enemy is going to focus.

any lane can be won. given the right conditions.

telling players to commit to a lane in the draft? so bad in so many ways. just no.

exactly why i turned chat off, only to find out i can’t reply and i’m still getting notifications and can still read their useless text.

Anyway, i turned it back on. If you can’t ignore them, then at least i can try to persuade them otherwise. highly doubt i will.

even chat is a toxic hell hole, people typing the entire alphabet letter by letter, why? becuz they can.



which gives me the @#%%@#%@#$ SHITS.

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honestly if you wanna win toplane grace/reza/lyra is the way to go. who needs visits when you can win 1v1s and in most cases not die to a gank

iPad upside down lol made me chuckle

Ppl keep saying this, truth is he is a potato even more so in 5v5 where he slow move speed and his need to stack make him redundant.

Throw in Adagio who is a very competent top lane hero, early game she out powers everyone so can comfortable hold that top lane… he does however tail off late game.

oh true, sorry i just never ever play adagio so i forget about him

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Everything is possible with the power of friendship and SAW


He had to be nerfed twice in a row because he was brokenly strong. Any underperforming now could lead to a bug with him being meta again just like in 3.0…

Though yeah much like wp Baron I don’t want wp Saw in my team. 95% noobish feeder rate…

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The power of love from Secretly a woman…


Sincerly a whale you mean?


That’s no way to talk about a lady.

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You can’t blow her cover
Remember she’s SECRETLY a woman


SAWs always seem like spoilt little brats throwing a tantrum. Nearly every SAW I’ve played with has lost his lane, then started jungling while pinging furiously.

Here’s a crazy thought, maybe it’s the hero itself and not the player. I don’t play SAW but once I tried him in casual, a Skaarf switched lanes to bully me, it was one of the most frustrating games of my life. Looking back, to my horror, I was behaving just like one of those SAWs I so hate. The hero is just pure cancer :scream:

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