Pulseweave's dmg

is crazy. Its the reason why utility top laners are viable. If your jungler left bot I swear I’m gunna destroy your bot so hard every time my Pulse is up.

I wouldn’t say it’s crazy but it contributes to the top-tank craze.


I literally destroyed any Baron or Vox or Skye as Cath with just Pulseweave and Banner.

Understandable,I’m forced to play captain 90% of my games(screw SEA newbies/instalockers…).I buy pulseweave when I play Fortress,Phinn, Catherine and Ardan.I’ve had many situations where I just follow a 5% HP enemy with pulseweave about to pop,spamming taunt ping along the way.

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I went PW GJ trying the TP boots strat (failed miserably yay) and the damage pulseweave did on a glass cannon carry is simply disgusting. I think it was close to 1k though I might be wrong.

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A little bit less damage but pls no hard nerf. Its basically AoE TB.

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