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PSA: VG Isn't Dying


Nope just carry it from the room where we ran 5v5 scrims to the back of the stage when it was time for the show matches.


Spy photo of one of the SEMC servers (most likely the SEA one):


I thought it was just a bunch of rubber bands…

Here it is in all its glory:

Apparently it could probably run about 5 matches simultaneously before it falls over.


OMG SEMC~! sell this server. Business’s would buy it.

They’re probably scared of it getting pirated and bootleg copied. Which is a high possibility.

Maybe partner up with i duno… Sony or Apple or Amazon… to create a hack proof device.

@hazeleyes That server actually looks like it would improve the SEA server. :laughing:


Is that a system 76 meerkat?

All those companies have devices with a history of hackin. Geohot was banned from sony’s network. Apple well jailbreaks find their way and most new features on the iphones started as jailbreak apps well at least they use to idk about now. Amazon the kindle fire is hacked everyday to put normal android on it.


I think software has always been easily hacked unless you’re a company that specialises in software security.

I’m more talking about Hardware, so that it doesn’t get opened up and copied. Software can be hard rooted in the hardware, which would make it impossible to change.

Tamper proof devices which void warranty when opened. Engineered to be unable to start if it’s modified in anyway.

How did this topic turn into day dreaming and future wishing? :sweat_smile:


Where is this taken, Australia?


I’ll have you know I have to wait 8 minutes before I can like something else, so I’m staying on this page until that timer expires.


This was at Worlds so in Singapore.


People say that the game is growing but to be honest, it ain’t. The playerbase increases but will the newbies stick? That’s up for debate.