PSA: The essence drop event is currently up

Just reminding everyone that the essence drop event that was achieved through the early access Malene kills event is up now, as promised.

The amounts of essence dropped per match seems alright I guess, as this was just from a PvP Blitz match


Ah, thanks for the notice! Didn’t realize this was up.

I think the amount of essence you get is based on the amount of glory you get in the match


You get like 5 essence per game lol. You got 17 only cos it was your 3rd win.

Yeah I got 23 for sinister seven and 4 after that(second win).
I think its glory/10 with some variance

damnit why didnt i have my sinister 7 within the next few days

Finally I may be able to afford my Legendary Skye skin I’ve been sitting on since the release of the Blueprint system.

1 for a lose in brawl modes 2 for a win
Edit: 2 for 5v5 lose

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