PSA @ Carries

You can not steal farm all game, be 2 levels higher than your jungler, have a 4k gold lead on your jungler, have both buffs, and then rage ping when you overextend and your jungler didn’t “gank and vision”

I repeat.

Stop. Taking. Farm. That. You. Blatantly. Do. Not. Need.

The first health treant is yours for a quick level 2. The early game buff is yours. After that, stay out of the jungle until late game. THEN, the buffs are yours but that’s it. If you happen to have a nice jungler, they may let you grab health throughout the game to pass enemy carry. DO NOT ASSUME. Use your ping and don’t be an ass.

Someone try and tell me that junglers are a problem as often as carries. I am primarily a carry and I very rarely have an issue with junglers in 5v5.


I agree. It drives me bonkers when carries abandon their lane to farm out the jungle. This is coming from someone who primarily carries.

It also drives me nuts when junglers farm out the lane.

Sure if you can hard carry the game, have at it, but a carry farms out the jungle but doesn’t have the positional and mechanical skills to hard carry than they are just screwing over the rest of the team… especially if they are losing turrets in the process.

However, yes, generally leave the jungle to the jungler and lane to the laner, with the exception if it is being contested by the enemy, then take it.

I don’t know why this is in the salt mine. This is a legit concern. Lane abandonment and non-positional farming is definitely a major problem in solo play.


Early game buff and heal to carries? I think ambient XP is enough to get them to lvl 2 and the jungler should get the entire first jungle rotation unless the laner is a saw.


Hell this goes to 3v3 with roams too

I meant at max. Didn’t make it clear.

I have about a 5k gold lead, farm all around the map, and am levels higher than my teammates when I soloq, thus making me very fed and hard carrying the match. I do not get toxic when I overextend and blame it on my teammates, unless they purposely chose not to save me when it is very much likely that both of us will come out of it alive, alot of times could actually get a kill, which has happened a couple of times.

I am hard carrying in 80% + of my matches. It is ridiculously tiring and I thought it would get better as I got into higher tiers. However, I’m stuck in T8 due to T5 behaviour. I just don’t get it.

For me it’s the other way around, I am carried 60% of the matches. When I play at my best my teammates do something wrong and we lose. My wins don’t feel right and when I lose it feels even worse.

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I take all farm fast farm = win. Or jungler who taking space so he farm and i farm and 3 of my teammates knew how to create space for us = win. Why taking only one way? It’s not about who farm but win right?

The issue he is describing is that a starved jungler cannot help the carries. A good jungler ganks several lanes while a carry usually only is in 1-2 lanes. Starving your jungler means that you weaken your entire team.

Or worse force your starved jungler to invade the enemy jungle while he is at a lvl and an item disadvantage.

@Moose I take jungle farm when my opposing laner has a level advantage on me or when I am a lategame hero and need to hit lvl 6 Asap.
This is incidental not structural farm steal.

@HipsterSkaarf if the tone of the OP is changed to be less agressive could you please move it to 5v5 this thread warrants a good discussion.


I understand incidental farm steal and am one of the most giving jungle/roams I know. Still, far too often there are carries who just steal farm for reason I can’t even identify

Regarding the aggressiveness, I guess I could tone it down if it were to be moved


And if your jungler goes to CP buff first PLEASE do not take Gold Oak and if you see them taking it while they’re alone, and your lane is safe, then go over and get that sweet ambient gold. I have had games where I go to CP buff first and take twin camps, so when I get the Gold Oak and buy my items the twin camp up at CP buff should already respawn or be close to it. Only take Gold Oak if it’s late game and u need the gold or you’re reacting to an invade you noticed and the jungler is too far away to take it. Especially leave Gold Oak if your jungler has a weaker early game, but comes with a large spike after their first tier 3 such as CP Fort cause we don’t want to be at level 5 when everyone is level 6.


I’ve been running into situations like jungler not farming and leaving gold open to invade farming. Usually too busy in Lane, but will snag stuff if they have been in top for the last 5-10 min… But then again jungler is probably farming the Lane at that point…

In that case I say it’s justified to take. If the jungler is not rotating or supporting lanes than definitely take farm before the enemy does.

However, what the op was talking about is laners abandoning their position to farm the jungle. That should never happen.

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I completely agree with that assessment. It is so easy to share and build together if people will just do it.

Sure, no problem. But the same goes for Captains and Junglers. the amount of times I’ve had 40 farm 10 mins in while my Cap is happily sitting on 80 quite honestly is the main cause of all my tilts.

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