PS5 Reveal Showcase

Doing another one of these threads just like the Nintendo thread.

I have to admit, the line up for PS5 really has Xbox beat. My FF trauma kicked in but the game looks beautiful as usual, Spiderman looks action packed, Demon souls REALLY inticing. And Sony snagged Cod from Xbox which was funny.

The last sony console I had was the PS2 and after that was all Xboxs, so I guess im returning to homebase at this point :laughing:

I thought the showcase was really good. The exclusives seem good, but the launch seems a bit weak IMO seeing as Demon’s Souls is the only main standout when the other one, Miles Morales, also being confirmed for PS4 (which I’m happy about). I do think that their attempt to rival Xbox Game Pass with the PS+ collection is interesting, but I don’t think it can really compare given it only has PS hits games that are quite cheap and already owned by a lot of PS4 owners. I suppose it’ll be great for those that are now getting a PS console though and I’ll enjoy another possible burst of popularity for Persona 5 because the game absolutely deserves it.
I’m kinda saddened by the price hike for games though. I know that the prices were gonna go up eventually and it’s almost always better to wait a bit to buy games on sale rather than at launch, but I still find it a bit yikes to see how expensive games are gonna be.

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Tbh i feel unsettled about this the most… like why…

That new ff game looks beautiful as always but I can’t say this one is as interesting as past ones so far to me. Other games like deathloop and oddworld: soulstorm im very excited for those, plus others that didn’t get a stand-alone showcase here like godfall.

That price for the console is pretty much what I expected, now to wait a few months after ps5 release when they fix any hardware bugs as always, never buy a console or device on release