PS BP Vox or SM BP TT Vox?

i need someone to make a poll plz

Still PS BP imo. Though after the nerf to PS we’ll have to see.

  • PS BP
  • SM BP TT

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To be honest,no matter how much poison shiv is nerfed,that mortal wound is too good to not get, especially with the new defense items introduced

it depends on your opponent. PS with mortal wounds is just so good against all healing and barriers, gives attack speed as well.

if your team already has a reliable hero who can apply Mortal Wounds, then SM will be the better choice. which then you can get BP and TT for the attack speed.


Agreed PS first heroes take forever to come online compared to damage first heroes who build raw damage first.

Good question, see a lot of high level players skipping the PS/BP build now… guess it’s dependent on your team composition; if you’ve got hero’s with in built mortal wounds or allies building spellfire etc you might be able to forgoe building it.

Personally I use the PS build but I’m tempted to switch.