Proposed community project - voice lines

In the original forums several people tackled and abandoned projects to capture all the Vainglory Hero voice lines into one place.

See for example Moalze’s version here:

We could use the new Wiki feature to work on this together and make a complete, updated and ongoing list of voice lines.

Let me know if you would be keen on contributing to this project and if enough people are interested I will set up a wiki for it and we can get going!


Those threads were never formatted well, so the idea of wikis is really good for things like this. I’d love to contribute especially to this topic. :heart:

This is now an active project here:

Update - I have added all of the voice lines on the first of three threads included - “Vainglorious Documentations” by Moalze.

Anyway i’m new to forum and barely know a thing how to
like… how to edit the thread?
and make that ehh what is it again? a tray? i mean that “show more” thingy

anyway i suggest some voiceline of churnwalker on my reply
need further detail tho like, when he’s dead, or his taunt

There is a Youtuber by the name of alhuntervg or something who’s been recording the voice lines for the heroes, I suggest to give him a look. Also, I seem to have a requirement of 30 words to reply, still need help guys?

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Should be 30 characters - not words. The more help the merrier - that sounds like an excellent resource.

I think you need to hit trust level 1 to get edit rights to wiki’s - but when you have that you just click the pencil at the top of the post and select to edit it.