PROJECT 2019 Event

The PROJECT 2019 event is now live! This is the first time I’ve bought an event pass, and it’s already turning out to have been a good idea. I already have a lot more event tokens than I’ve ever collected in a previous event, and it’s less than 24 hours after it started! :gwenrainbowbarf:

And now there are TWO Prestige skins that I want: K/DA Ahri and PROJECT: Irelia


Personally not feeling this event besides the Pyke skin but only because they gave skins to the people I really don’t play.

What other Prestige Skins do you have byw?

I don’t have any, actually. I hadn’t played League regularly in quite a while, so I didn’t play nearly enough to get any of the early ones. I got my kids hooked on League over the past couple of weeks, though, so now we all play often!


Damn your family game nights must be lit :fire:

Yeah, it’s pretty fun here :minions_happy_t2:

My son got an HP Omen desktop for Christmas, and I’m building a custom gaming PC for my daughter right now, so hopefully we’ll all be playing Overwatch together soon also. (My gaming laptop, which my daughter is using atm, can’t quite keep up with Overwatch.)


Family queue op


FYI It’s too late to get 100 points solely from event passes. There are only two more events left until the points expire. I found this out the hard way, but at least I got Gun Goddess Miss Fortune from an orb. Looks like I have to buy those gross Masterwork bundles. Emotes and wards are the worst thing to receive in chests.

Also, I’m upset that points only come in either sets of 25 or 100 when tied to passes.

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Yah, I know I need to buy some masterworks chests, but oh well … the price I have to pay for starting late, I guess.

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Are you grinding for the Irelia skin? I hate extremely mechanically-demanding champions like Irelia - I just can’t keep track of my cursor and chain all of those abilities and auto attacks in such rapid succession. I’m hoping a skin comes out for an enchanter champ (even though I know the next skins will be for Neeko, Thresh, and Miss Fortune).

I started learning Irelia a couple of weeks ago, and I’ve been doing really well with her lately. Something finally clicked, I guess. When I play her, my daughter plays alongside me, and it’s been a big help to fight as a pair.

I’m glad to hear about the next skins – Miss F and Neeko are two of my faves :lizard: :gun:

sorry but i keep mistaking your pfp for :ringo: that is all

to keep this somewhat on topic is there any reason that PROJECt is in all capitals ? or is it because it looks cool

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Lol … I need to change it then! (It’s actually Blake’s character art from RWBY: Amity Arena.)

I think the real reason is that it looks cool, but it’s the name of the corporation that produces the augmentation materials in the PROJECT alternate storyline:

EDIT: yikes, that did not Onebox very well initially…


LOL quality as a whole amaze me. Really fun, high quality, competitive and great.


My problem is the screen resolution of my monitor (samsung rz2233 120Hz 1680x1050) - everything is insanely zoomed in and I can’t zoom out. Read that on higher resolutions it’s zoomed out more by default… not fair, it’s so close that I can’t see almost nothing and constant swipes is super hard when you are in the heat of the battle. :frowning:

Did you check the video settings in-game? (You need to actually be in a match to change them, unfortunately.) It sounds like there’s something set wrong, because the zoom level is fine on my laptop with its 17" screen.

That said, it’s hard to beat playing League on an ultrawide monitor:

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If I was like on that screenshot, I would play 24/7 hahaha yeah, I checked… sadly and from what I fould online, it’s about the resolution and the 16:10 aspect ration. If I buy a new 1440p 27 inch monitor I will have a vastly better experience. I keep my eye on few, but are quite expensive and my 2233 is still doing just fine for gaming. Will check again later tho, but from there I love lol as a MOBA. I love VG too, but on mobile, if I sit on the PC (or someone) the only reason to pick VG over LOL is the laziness to learn new heroes and items. After all this needs quite a lot of time and LOL got a lot more going on in it, so it will need quite a lot more time than VG once needed.

But comparison is a joke and if one will put his money into a MOBA game, LOL is defo the right choice + you receive a really high quality stuff for your money.


Even though LoL is a great role model for mobas, the devs themselves aren’t perfect by any means.

Example being that when they rework a old hero, the skins that were also old are sometimes changed tier wise either being promotion or demotion. And that has caused some backlash. Though since LoL has a forum, they can easily talk with their community on such topics with ease to find a middle ground.

No game dev company with an audience of any size is going to be able to please everyone. (Nor, imo, should they try – a game’s devs should be making decisions based on what’s best for the game.)

Riot’s doing pretty well with League, considering the game is going to be 10 years old this fall.


Have you seen the news about Riot removing the Twisted Treelike mode?

The LoL forums look identical to Vgs reddit in terms of negativity in most of the posts posted :joy::joy:

Though the gamemode hasnt been balanced in so long, and due to the dying numbers of players for that mode is on the decline, people are still complaining about it even though the evidence is right there.

Also Im speed typing so my grammer is probably on par with a kindergartner :relieved:


I didn’t think they were removing it, but it no longer counts for most progression things, including ranking.

Yup! Lmao :rofl:

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