Problem with the map

I got a problem with the map. I dont know if its just me but are the monster placement kinda wierd? Like you know when you start and you go left there are just 2 monsters randomly there? I dont know, i feel like it was a random placement or a lazy placement lol. I mean they should of at least made the monsters walk a rotation around the little circle instead of just standing there you know.


i think you’re talking about the twin bear camp. it’s not random.

they are quite important for gold and exp.

they’re chatting to each other, which is why they’re standing still. :wink::laughing::rofl:


I mean im not saying to remove them but couldnt they not put them in such a random place hahaha and yeah i guesss that makes sense lols

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Yea…yes…OH YA.
I kinda agree, MOBA jungle camps usually get placed in choke points (270• surrounded by terrain) or in hidden nooks and corners. Having them out in the open or right in a possible escape path is not a thing to be encouraged. In my opinion, it makes it easier for the enemy to steal those camps.

Should’ve had those 2 bears walk around or to patrol the jungle tho, that’s kind of neat. OR BRING A SMALL VERSION OF JUNGLE SENTRIES ALONG! YASSS

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Aww two bears walking in the beautiful garden of the stormqueen…until a bunch of wierdos come over and beat you up for gold :’(


Like little baby sentries training to mine the crystals on the Fold that you beat up for money lol

Im beginning to think our “heroes” arent so heroic after all hahahahah

No kidding… Apparently the Storm Queen’s mother (Summer Queen) knew that the Churn was taking over the world, so she raised her to be like That (merciless, powerful, etc) so she could stop it and save them all. That’s why she’s well-hunting, that’s why she gave Lorelai vitamin C poisoning, that’s why she’s resisting Sweet Star Child Celeste’s attempts to bring peace to the nation or whatever.

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Woah i didnt know that. I guess theres alot to the lore i dont know lol