Problem with rank points

Ok so me and my brother were exactly at same rank points, but every game we play I rank more than him(EX he gains 20 cups and I gain 28), like I’m hotness gold and just gained 28 cups from last match, while he is hotness silver and gained only 20cups.
Shouldn’t he be gaining more than me? Is there any explanation for this?
Thanks in advance!

It’s possible that you had a higher rank in a previous season, and that this is the compensation for a Visual Skill Tier reset.

It’s also possible that:

  1. Your hidden match-maker rating is higher, and the system is trying to accelerate your progress.

  2. Your hidden match-maker rating is lower (despite higher visual skill tier), and you gain more ranked points due to having won a more difficult match-up, compared to your brother.

The game is about how many games you play and your rank points vs enemy rank points , so you could be a higher rank last season but I doubt this make a difference because if the MMR high then your brother should gain more points because your MMR brought hard matchup for him , my guess is you have less games than your brother , less games means rapid gaining and losing , the more you play lose and win effect your gaining points , for example if you winning and getting winning streak you get more points every game because the game thinks you are better than your skill tier and need to push you up .

All speculations , there is nothing confirmed , ranking is a mess .