Probably the last official concept art post (Carlos "Chainsaw" Arellano)


Love Bites Bf:
His hair isnt down in game, its in a ponytail

Cool ig…

Looks like older then splash art… cool ig

Im not that enthusiastic about Chainsaws work because i dont find it appealing to my eyes.

Rip to seeing Justin or Michelles art

But ig “All art is good art”

Edit: Sorry for my constant thread posts. Ill be inactive soon enough.


So happy they changed Kensei’s face and got rid of the facial hair.


Are you kidding me? He looks like a beast. Current Kensei looks like a highschooler


I am liking this kensei a lot more too.


Yeah, that’s some strong Ronin vibes right there. I really can’t stand that over-abundant-hair thingy, for the most part, as it only ever looks good in theory on character models… but that concept is just sweet.