Pre-launch 5v5 Churn vs Sovereign/Halcyon

What were your first thoughts on the pre-launch 5v5 match?

I don’t know, maybe it’s just me, but it felt kinda lame to be honest. I know 5v5 is still new, but I didn’t feel any sense of excitement during the whole game sigh.

There needs to be more heroes that can initiate an attack (stunners, disablers, long range stunners/disablers). I can only think of Catherine and Glaive for now fitting the role, but Catherine’s A area of effect is too small and is predictable.

Overall (initial) rating: Meh/10.

Lorelai is ideal for enguaging and range stun. Her slow can spilt teams and her stun can pick off a back laner. Her pools even speed up teammates. She is not talked about much but her late game team fight is strong.

Fortress is a great initiator with his team speed boost.

Phinn’s pull can start a fight at any time.

Grace can engage with her A and AOE stun with her B.

Ardan has increased range and can split teams with his Ult.

Lance can roll into a stun or impale.

Assuming you’re talking about the stream with no hands-on experience with 5v5, I would definitely wait until it’s publicly launched. Watching it DEFINITELY does not give the same enjoyment/excitement as actually playing and experimenting with it yourself.

You got to keep in mind these aren’t teams playing and most of them only have a few weeks of play at most. There are so many mistakes being made because of that.

I personally think 5v5 kinda drags outs. I’d like it to be a little faster pace in terms of shortening the early and middle game and making it more endgame centric.

Even amongst the pros it was kinda boring to watch with exception to those sick Lorelei playz.

Overall, I think the design game play is smooth a expansive. I just wish the game was a little more accelerated through the early and mid game.

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