Pokémon Unite: a new cross-platform MOBA

As part of the pokemon company’s recent batch of new game announcements, a livestream was held today to showcase a new game coming soon, Pokémon Unite, a MOBA for mobile and Switch, made in partnership with Tencent.

The game seems to have some interesting things going for it besides the Pokémon name like the mid-battle evolutions, jungle monster capturing, and focus on objectives. I think it could be good for some casual fun as it seems to be intended for, but I personally don’t think it’ll do too well given the track record of other mobile pokemon games and Wild Rift nearing release.

But… Why?

I love the franchise but I-

Also WR is coming out too so its like…

Once again I post something that was already posted :man_facepalming:

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I’m excited for this, wr is something I’m looking forward to trying but the idea of a Pokémon moba is great as well. Also it’ll be on switch too which if that controls well, I honestly would like that over virtual joystick on iOS.
It’s cool how there’s evolving in it as you lvl up and you have choices to pick from for your moves/abilities as you lvl. So many Pokémon they can add on through time for you to play as, this is just cool to me


Although I don’t really plan on playing the game a ton after the launch bc of how super casual it looks, I’m pretty interested to see how this game does given the big names it has attached to it. It has some pretty cool concepts in it and it would be a bit of a shame imo if it shuts down/gets abandoned similar to some of the other mobile titles like Duel and Rumble Rush. Ironic that the game’s biggest competitor, Wild Rift, is owned by Tencent lol.
On another note, I wonder what they’ll do for monetization outside of likely faster pokemon unlocks. If they go the standard skin route, I wonder what they’ll look like. Hopefully they won’t just be recolors for the shiny pallets and stuff.


I’ll probably play the crap outta this on switch. If they get the controls right. I’m still not a fan of joystic for mobas, but a physical one is at least a step up from virtual.

As for how casual it seems, we’ll see. Apparently there will be an esports scene for it, unless I’m mistaken, (I could be, I read this from a 3rd party source - altho a reliable one) as TPC want to have it as their 4th gamemode at pokemon worlds.

Someone said it could be that TPC wants to try and enlarge their esports scene on the whole, and seeing as mobas are popular, decided to go with that. As far as I’m concerned it can fit nicely with the evolutions and moves working as a unique feature.

I just hope they put my bois Falinks and Samurott in.


I just wish the gamepla looks a little smoother. Still has that very mobile look to it. Some fun ideas here though, and I can see this being a fun diversion for a couple months.

Fwiw, I thought I would like actual joysticks when AoV came out for Switch, but in reality, I found them much harder to use than the virtual ones. :man_shrugging:

This has soo much potential. We’ll see.

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This will be huge. I guarantee it. Do NOT underestimate the generational cultural impact of Pokemon. Asia will literally devour and mass consume this game. Throw in Tencent and add MOBA elements, this game is going to crush it.

I can see folks playing both WR and this (I don’t want to give it PU as an acronym ha), a good player base just playing WR, and a good Pokemon fan base just playing Unite. Both will do very well I imagine.


Am wondering about the monetisation they’ll go for too, was thinking aside shiny recolour maybe they’ll do costumes like how pikachu had costume changes in alpha/omega.

It was a shame when Pokémon duel shut down, I liked playing it, this project I’m hoping will stay alive longer


Seeing how Pokemon runs its games in the mobile market, I think its in good hands with Tencent.

Even if I’m not really planning on getting too big into the game, I think sucks to see the community reaction to the game. There’s pretty universal disappointment in the announcement, with the stream currently having 130k+ dislikes on YT. It seems like it’ll be a solid game, but the fact that it’s a MOBA and the announcement of New Snap last week greatly overshadowing this one left the community disappointed, as most were expecting remakes of the gen 4 games.

It does suck, I don’t really get why there was such big hope for a gen 4 remake or let’s go johto for this presentation when the main game Pokémon SnS is still what they’re pushing or better said it’s their current game since the second dlc has yet to come out. I get mobas aren’t a genre for a lot of people so that disappointment i get, but again with Pokémon Sns being current expecting a main title reveal wasn’t likely to happen.

On that note tho I would like a remake of either gen 2 or 4 like next year/coming years, quite like those two games and a remake would be fun after SnS is done.


I feel like the disappointment is on The Pokémon Company bc of how they hyped this up to be a really huge announcement. While it definitely is with stuff like the cross-platform capabilities, it’s a bit underwhelming compared to the Snap sequel people have been wanting for a really long time.
I do agree that expecting a new set remakes was a bit too much this early with how the SwSh DLC is still being developed. I expected the next remakes to be next year at the earliest with how the DLC is kinda the honorary 2nd/3rd versions of the gen 8 games to keep with the yearly releases.


That hype yea, they did hype up what ended up being a moba which isn’t something I’d expect much love for from people that have played almost any Pokémon game. Honestly feel if they switched the moba announcement with snap it might’ve been better received.

I know this was highly unrealistic but was already expecting the second presentation to be a side game/spin off, I honestly a little bit hoped for a new Pokémon quest game lol


PokePark and Pokemon Ranger were good games and I would hope that they would continue the series.


What about Conquest smh, at least those got sequels


Lmaoooo :joy: I totally forgot that even existed

I literally don’t know what any of you are talking about. Red, blue, yellow, gold, silver, crystal, Ruby, sapphire, leaf green, fire red, Pokemon Go and Masters. That’s all I know. I still really only care about gen 1. How many Pokemon games are there? God I feel old. Take me back to the Gameboy color days.


If they ever consider making a Conquest sequel, it would most likely take place during the Three Kingdoms Period, since Conquest is considered to be a Nobunaga’s Ambition spinoff in Japan, the latter game being a series of strategy games developed by Koei based off of the Sengoku Period. The other strategy game Koei has under it’s belt that I know of is Romance of the Three Kingdoms, which is based off of the novel of the same name and of the Three Kingdoms Period in general, so it would be surprising if they went for a different setting.