Pokemon SwSh Discussion

Just got the game and Ill probably finish it by tomorrow.

Will drop my honest review on it though. Also fat thanks to Dimti for snagging a code for me! #Forumerlove :easter_happy_1:


So who here has one of the new Pokémon games?

I finished the 7th gym and im taking my time beating the game.

Theres alot of pros and cons but I want to finish the game before I give comments.


Beat the game and Post-game. And despite all the controversy and backlash, it was enjoyable.

• Beautiful graphics (outside of Wild Area)
• Having a limited pokedex was fun since it allowed me to play pokemon I wouldn’t have.
• Storyline was not the best (didn’t have depth like predecessors) but still was interesting.
• Raids were very fun.
• Customizing is extremely fun.

• Wild area was not appealing on the eyes when it came to being on land.
• Post game story was ok but not the best like previous game.
• After beating the post game, its pretty boring.
• GTS is locked behind two paywalls.
• Map could have more explorable routes and areas but nope. One wild area.

Would I recommend this game to another person? Yes but its not a must.

The game feels like a switch game with the graphics in the cities (Fairy City is ABSOLUTELY STUNNING) but the wild area is lackluster. I would think with the storage limit being so high on a switch compared to 3ds, that there would be more content but honestly I would even go the mile to say that HGSS or BW2 has more content overall. And thats not a good thing. If Gamefreak needed more time to develop a game, I would gladly wait longer.

But I digress. I had fun with the game and thoroughly enjoyed it but as it goes with most pokemon games, once you beat postgame (if there is even one) its usually put down to collect dust for most non-hardcore pk players.

P.s Pokemon needs to add side quests so I dont have to force myself to play slowly to avoid mowing down the mainstory under 12 hrs.


Also minor gripe but all the cities in SWSH are so pretty and big but we cant fully explore it. Feels really restrictive.

Its like having a huge mansion but only one of the multiple bazillion rooms are useable…

More useless info:

My team consisted of Inteleon, Toxicity, Runegrigus, Corviknight, Orbeetle, and Grimmsnarl.

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Yup, it’s kinda sad to see how the games feel kinda rushed for the holidays and to keep up with the anime and such. I definitely feel like they would’ve been way better if they had gotten delayed.
Nice to hear the game is somewhat good at least. I’m planning on picking it up for the holidays if it goes down to my max for it of 40, but a lot of other games that’ll be on sale for Black Friday have way more of my wallet’s attention.

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Yes the story was interesting but I really wish they went more in depth with it. Also thought there would be more than one wild area but a bit sad it was just the one even if it is massive, thought there would be this whole snowy like wild area and not just weather changing it to a cold area. It’s still a pretty fun and great game for me but clearly somethings can be improved on. Also I actually hate how many returning Pokémon there are, there’s a rather short list of new Pokémon including the old remade ones like meowth to perrserker and for me I wanted more new Pokémon and less returning ones.

What 2 paywalls is gts locked behind?

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Im giving the game a free pass since its the second switch game (Lets go being the test game) but they really do have to bulk up the amount of content in future games.

I meant Home or whatever the transfer tool is called. Gf got rid of the GTS so rip that too. Also the two paywalls is Nintendo Online subscription and Pokemon Home subscription.

Oh ok, I knew you needed the online sub for trading and stuff, didn’t know you meant poke home

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Im now starting to hunt for dex pokemon so if anyone needs Shield exclusives, I can obtain and trade them!

Do you have a galarian corsola?

Im actually trying to get Cursola and Giga Grimsnarl in the raid battles.

If I find one, Ill get back to you. Hopefully soon :crossed_fingers:

Okie dokie, is there any Pokémon in particular you’d want in return if you get a corsola?

Stonjourner or SirFetched.

Also if you have any more pokemon you want, just ask and while Im filling out the dex, Ill capture a copy for you.

Oh yea I haven’t found a stonjourner yet, I’ve got a farfetchd already i can give you when you want it

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I finally got Cursola!


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Paywalls? Pokemon has paywalls?

Could you explain? I was told the GTS simply doesn’t exist anymore.

I correct myself later but I meant the gts replacement. Pokemon home.

Nintendo now forces you to pay for a online fee and Pokemon now needs a fee as well to use Home.

Sadly the Gts is gone so…

Ah I see. I thought Pokemon home was more like Pokemon bank than the GTS? Bank always had a fee on it which I thought was really annoying.