Pokémon Switch

So new Pokémon announced, Pokémon sword and Pokémon shield along with new starters in a new land that’s uk based. Who here is a Pokémon fan? What starter do you like best so far from this new game?


At the moment, I’m really liking Grookey, that monkey is adorable. My opinion might change once their final evolutions get revealed, as when gen 6 was initially revealed, I liked Fennikin, but I went for Froakie when Greninja was revealed. The graphics look amazing, though. Seeing everything in full HD is great, especially in comparison to previous games. Tbh, all I’m legitimately worried about is pokemon bank support. I don’t want my living dex to be stuck on my 3DS cloud ;-;


Not a Sinnoh Remake :face_with_symbols_over_mouth::rage::rage::rage::rage::rage:

But overall cool. Ill probably play the water salamander since water types are my favorite but Im wondering what the legendaries will be like.

Its a sword and shield legendary so what makes it better than one that controls time and space?

Ig we will have to see…

Also I love the map pic

I want it as a poster :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Inb4 they’re just Aegislash’s two parts

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Always been a water starter fan besides Treeko and Chimchar. So I guess Sobbie.

Ngl it feels like the game is based on the UK. We haven’t had any games set there yet and it just seems right to do so for some reason. Starters don’t look as clean as they did two generations ago or so.

Yes the map is awesome. The environment of the game too is so pretty. Love that it’s uk based

Wow. Man, have the graphics come a long way. The last games I dabbled with were Ruby and Sapphire. I’m playing Fire Red now… Man, I love the rework and nostalgia. They did a great job with it. Anyway, to this post:

Love the graphics and animations. Awesome. Great map and environment. I’ll say this: I don’t like any of the starters. For me, to this day, Bulbasaur, Charmander, and Squirtle are the standard to beat.




i have played 0 pokemon games but i like looking at them and their flavours and so i would pick sobble because he might turn into a loch ness monster and that would mean he could be ghost type which is my favourite type

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Just thinking you’d like lapras but it’s not a ghost type

I’m hyped I suppose. More so then I wqs for LGPE anyway. Starters, not sure yet who I’ll choose, just not Scorbunny. At the moment I like Sobble the most.

I think they’re bringing back regional variants so that could become a thing